By B.K.
Date: 2001 Nov 01
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20 Gold Buttons and A Big Blue Moon

I dreamed of meeting you
In a long black dress
With 20 gold buttons
A big smile on my face
And a big blue moon
Shining in the sky
Just the look in your eyes
Melted five buttons
Off the bottom of that dress
My knees were knocking
I thought, that's strange
Then you leaned over
Kissed my mouth
Whew, I almost passed out
Five more buttons blew off
Three on top
Two on the bottom
This is getting stranger by the moment
But I like it!
You put your arms around me
Pull me to you tightly
And pop, pop, pop
Do you smell popcorn?
I'm scared to move
Not much more
Holding this dress together
Then you did it
You whispered it in my ear
'I love you Bren,' you said
It's not like you
Haven't said it before
It's just this time, I see your eyes
I feel your arms
And that KISS (is to die for)
I think there may be a
Big mushroom cloud
Above my head
Or was that above my bed
Never Mind
The rest I'll whisper in your ear
When I see your eyes
Looking at 20 gold buttons
And that big blue moon.