By B.K.
Date: 2001 Nov 18
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Lip Lock and Kissy Prissy

City lights twinkle on before us
As we walk along the court house square
The moments of our first meeting
Golden, glowing on our faces
We laugh, and kiss each other for the
First times as though we had been
Doing it as Pro-WKF- Kissers
Lip lock and Kissy Prissy
Tag team "Grand Champion Kissers".
The love and merriment
Seen and felt for miles,
The first moments both will cherish
After waiting what seemed
Like an eternity to be together
Heads together in rapture
Thinking in cartoon caption thoughts
The same thing at the exact same time
Just how fast can we make it home?
Get each other naked
Put the robot dogs out in the back yard
And howl all night at the full lover's moon.