By B.K.
Date: 2001 Dec 07
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But We Survived

I dreamed that you and I
Entwined in heavenly delight
Were being strangled
By a giant octopus from
A B grade Hollywood movie
Only we survive
Then we go sky diving
Making love all the way down
Only we forget to pull the cord
SPLAT flat
But we survive
Then these crazy Indians who think
We look like George Custer's cousin come
Along and bury us up to our
Nose in ant hills
But we can still smell each other
And we are turned on so much
We dig ourselves out
And go tightrope walking
Over the Grand Canyon
Going at each other
Like there's no tomorrow
Only the tightrope breaks
While we're twisting and turning
Thinking hum maybe this would
Be a great new dance
We just keep falling and falling
But we survive
Is there some hidden message here
Have aliens attacked my brain
Let's find a new position and find out
Just don't worry Darlin
No matter how we go at it
This passion is real
Our love is strong
We Will Survive!