By Echolocation
Date: 2001 Dec 12
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The Game

Once, being independent was a game
There were rules
   (don't bring home strangers)
   (call your mother once a week because she worries)
and tests
   (can you take yourself out to a play alone?)
   (can you watch a Kodak commercial without crying?)
and important things to do and not do
   (do have a life outside of work)
   (don't listen to Air Supply when you've been drinking)
It was hard, challenging
I didn't choose it
But I determined to win it

So I played it hard and I played it well
And eventually I won
I take out my own trash
Pay my own taxes
Squire myself out to dinner
Bought my own home
Even squash my own spiders

But cooking for one isn't as fun as it used to be
And a two-car garage looks silly with only one car in it
And a place setting for one doesn't look strong anymore, it just looks lonely
And no matter how I twist and turn I can't give myself a backrub
And soothing my own nightmares has lost its appeal

So how do I get to the next level
Where I get to play with a partner?