By B.K.
Date: 2001 Dec 15
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My Xmas Top TEN List!

Darlin, I have seen
San Francisco, London, New York, LA,
All special places at the holidays
However, there's only one place
I want to be this Xmas
And that's in your arms
So close to you
And it might not be possible
But I can dream
I'm there
Doesn’t really matter where
Could be a mud hut
Or on safari with a camera
Right here would do just fine
Just you, me, and all the 'Nashville Cats'
Picking their guitars, banjo's and mandolins
Bet they know some kissing songs
Cause Baby
The number One item on my Xmas list
Is your lips to mine
Your arms around me is number Two
Three, to see your eyes sparkle (eyelash kisses)
Four, it's getting warm in here
Five-Nine, is unmentionable (Even Santa would blush!)
TEN, Skyrockets, Bells, Whistles, and Pops
In syncronic symphony
With big cartoon grins on our faces
So take back whatever you bought
My needs are simply adorable
This is simple (I wish it was Darlin)
And you're adorable
Just put a big bow around you
Deliver yourself right to my door
Cause you're all I want for Xmas!
You and nothing more!