By B.K.
Date: 2002 Jan 02
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How To Woo A Rocket Scientist

A scientists mind
A writers hands
A poets heart
All those sexy short stories you write to me
Short circuit my entire electrical system
When I finally got the nerve to write back
You loved it, you encouraged it
Like the Eagle you are
So here I am
Not trying to compete with you
Just writing about you, that’s all
You inspire me, lead me to want more
I follow your carrot
You say stop, I go
You say go, I sit down hard.
You the tough, cool, Steve McQueen
I Miss Scarlet herself trying to make
The green dress out of the velvet drapes
To show off for you while you rocket around
With all those numbers
Swirling round in your mind
Your kisses are what legends are made of
Mine Darlin, would make even Zeus himself whistle Dixie
Those hands of yours will catch me every time
That is, if and when I let them.
So how about you and I rocket
To the top of the highest waterfall
Then sky dive down making love
Till the world remembers
That love is all there is
To sky rocket us all up and around

09-11-2000 bk