By redFoxPuppy
Submitted by B.K.
Date: 2002 Jan 03
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A Test of Fate

Listen to my words,
for they come from my heart.
I will never give up on you,
I have loved you from the start.
We have overcome so many trials,
and it has been a test of fate.
I know exactly where I belong.
and it is with you my Soulmate.
God has seperated us now,
but only for a while.
Until we can conquer this
one last test and trial.
We truly belong together,
and this I am sure.
We have had so many ups and downs
that only our love could endure.
I love you so much sweetheart,
and I offer you my life.
one day we will unite,
as we become husband and wife.
Our souls have intertwined
to become as one,
and we will be together
when all is said and done.
So my love keep these words
right next to your heart.
For if you truly believe in us,
we will never be apart.
Close your eyes and invision
the biggest and brightest star,
and know in your heart
I will always love you,
even from afar.