By B.K.
Date: 2002 Feb 09
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Hikers Guide To Kitchen Dancing

Dancing in the kitchen
With the pots and pans
Coo Coo Clocks slapping time
Felix the Cat winking
Corgi's smiling and blinking
Orchids growing
It's not even snowing
It's like spring outside
Sunbursts can't hide
The wind pushing
All the sailboats around
The long lake trail
With hikers and bikers
Dog owners and lovers
Do the two-mile test
Which I must confess
Is why I am dancing now
Cause I'm so happy
(I'll try not to get sappy)
It's just in all this wonder
I see and feel you
While dancing to
Double shot of my baby's love
It wasn't wine she had in the jug
Just a double shot of her baby's love