By Echolocation
Date: 2002 Feb 17
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After all is said and done,
what taints it all
like a soap scum of bitterness
on every sweet memory
isn't that you left me
or that you lied
or that you changed your mind

For all that I can forgive you
After all, I've left and been left
lied and been lied to
I've even (saddest sight of all)
seen love change its mind

No, what hurts the most
is that you offered me the life (the love) I wanted
showed it to me intact, beautiful, perfect
a jewel sparkling on velvet
a falcon's flight
a dolphin's leap
a dream come true
and then snatched it away
casually and
for no better reason than that
you couldn't be bothered any more

and for the theft of my dream
I cannot forgive you