By B.K.
Date: 2002 Mar 30
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To Uncle Clay and Aunt Marlene

After forty six years of marriage
She pets him still
Coos in his ear
Telling him how handsome he is
Telling everyone who will listen
How much they love
She said in England once
She threw an iron at him
That he put her across the bed
And spanked her good
That they had had some
Hum-dinger fights
But all the more fun making up
She’s lost without him
As he lies so close to death
My heart cries as it watches these two
Knowing what characters they are
That I am like my Uncle in strange ways
That I’ve always loved my spunky English Aunt
With all her poodles and hummingbirds
And English accent with an added southern twang
Tomorrow I will go back
Hold their hands
And tell them I love them
All the while praying
That they get more time
To love
To fight
To have fun making up
So I sit here tonight
Lifting this glass of wine in toast
To them both and to life sweet life
With all the passion and love till the end!