By B.K.
Date: 2002 Apr 16
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Cinderella's New Balance (left foot)

Two mean ugly stepsisters
And one mean mother_____
Dad’s on the road to heaven
Playing in some country band
Me I’m wiping mold off
My house and walking this
Artificial treadmill
Went to some fancy party
And drank some funky
Psilocybin tea
Dreamed about this
Blonde headed dude
Boy is he hot!
Lost my best new balance (left foot)
Been turned on
Lost in a fog ever since
Sometimes I think this is the fairy tale and
My real life is bungee jumping back and
Forth from the Eiffel Tower
While I’m not paying attention
Prince, oh yeah he’s that singer
Keeps showing up with a glass slipper.
No not him
Mines some hairy blonde dude
That’s busy fixing civilization
Maybe if I start a war
He’ll come and fix me..ha
Till I can get another hit of that tea
And a real look
At that hot hairy fix it man
I’ll just keep scraping mold and
Looking for my New Balance