By B.K.
Date: 2002 Apr 29
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My Lion Tamer

He’s never raised his voice
Never cracked a whip
Yet with only words
He’s soothed every wild inclination
This wide-eyed woman could ever get
He’s got brains the size of outer space
And he smiles at me with such style and grace
That I ooze right into jelly jam
And the tiger in me is kittenish all over again
This very adventureous man so fine
He’s rugged and so so sublime
I’d drink him with a little lime
Or maybe pickle him in salty brine
  (Yummy cucumber bliss)
He’s the greatest B.K. tamer of all time
But mitts off girls, cause sooner or later,
Even if I can't rapp rhythm or rhyme worth a dime
Or mud wrestle nasty blender alligators
I’m going to hug and kiss him all the time
And make that wildcat poet tamer mine all mine