By B.K.
Date: 2002 Jun 09
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Love is blind for most
Even when looking them in the eye
But yes Virginia there are soul-mates
That have the glow and sparkle
That keep them going for life
If you haven’t felt that glow then
It’s easy for you to disbelieve
So take off your blinders
And keep looking skyward
When it happens no one else
Could ever matter or
Remotely take their place
(Except someone with the
Same kind of stars)
Just pray you don’t run
At the same time into two
Then you will surely be
In more misery than you
Can ever imagine
Just don't settle
For anything less than the
Proper sky of blue
Because once shown
The cosmos as it really is
There’s no going back
To a ten cent telescope
With a nickel fated view