By B.K.
Date: 2002 Jul 21
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Reality Check

Two lane blacktop no passing view
Singing “Leader of the Pack,”
While thinking of you
Stopping at the store
Sausage/Biscuit Peach Tea
Then back into the groove
“Magic Carpet Ride,” you and me
Never slowing down
No one else around
But suddenly
There’s another car going around me
“Come on Baby Light My Fire”
I’m wondering how and where you are
Cause there’s a cop here
Winking and whizzing around me
I’m laughing and I keep on going
Knowing there’s no way of knowing
Till you’re good and ready
To share it all, come to me
So I’ll keep on flying down the road
Singing and thinking how it’s gonna go
Knowing that you’re still flying
Darlin twice as fast as me