By B.K.
Date: 2002 Jul 31
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Walking beside a babbling brook
Singing it’s summer top ten
Something unusual catches my eye
Stops me dead in my tracks
To watch in awe and wonder
It was almost a peep show
For there she was
Sitting on a rock
Cleo sitting by De Nile
Little Egypt
Crawling on her belly like a reptile
She was good at it
You could feel the heat
One red hot mama
Her head cocked to one side
Beak held just at the right angle
Her tail feathers spread out wide
In that “Come Here Big Boy”
Wide eyed pouty beak whisper
And there he was
You should have seen him twitter
"Big Red," himself
Foaming at the beak, eyes bugging out
Almost falling of the branch
I’d never seen bird seduction before
It was “R” rated
She was good at it
And I’d say she got her bird
And so Darlin
(You knew this would get to you somehow now didn’t you?)
How about I get some bright red feathers,
Spread them out just so
Some sexy black silk lace something or another
Hold my mouth just right (like this, watch now)
And start chirping
Do you think there's a chance I’ll get my Man???