By B.K.
Date: 2002 Aug 03
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2 Day Yard Sale Y'all Cone

Sitting in the heat
Your mind plays tricks
With your brain cells frying
As you watch people
Hauling away pieces of your life
For the most part saying 'good riddance'
I was wondering if the memories they trigger
Go with the people who buy the object
Have you ever been haunted by anything
You bought at a yard sale, ha
I think that’s why people have them
To get rid of the memories
Of when we were or weren’t
Different eras of our lives
Funny, sad, happy glad, sorrowful
Past parts carried down the driveway
Goodbye old antique lamps I grew up with
(Don’t tell my mother)
Goodbye antique pitcher
Remember when I took all the matching glasses
And heaved them at a wall
(Wow what a hole he had to patch)
(God it felt so good to do that)
Goodbye pictures that once made me smile
And empty frames that once held pictures with glass
That was thrown at his head
Down a flight of steps no less
(This is beginning to make me sound violent)
(Just a wuss with a temper that’s all)
(Passion leaking out backwards)
Goodbye office remnants
Goodbye old computer parts and telephones
Goodbye tapes and movies
One guy asked me if “Somewhere in Time”
Was a good movie
I said yes, romantic, will make you cry
Pay me two dollars and you will cry
Goodbye old stuff,
Hello new that makes me smile
It’s the progressive American way
I love Yard Sales
But never again with fried brains on the side.