By Echolocation
Date: 2002 Sep 10
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Literary Ladies

I wanted to be Scarlett O'Hara
laughing and arrogant and careless
cutting a swathe through a barbecue full of men
but in the end I'm not careless enough
to walk rough-shod over others with no thought of consequences
unwilling to inflict a pain I've felt myself

I wanted to be Cinderella
kindly and sweet and patient
beauty waiting for discovery amid the ashes
but in the end I'm not patient enough
to wait quietly for a fairy godmother or a handsome prince
disbelieving that either exists

I wanted to be Cathy
passionate to the point of madness
wandering the windy moors with Heathcliff
but in the end I'm not passionate enough
to entrust my heart to the clumsy hands of another
fearing for its safety in his keeping

So here I am being Eliza Bennett
sharp-tongued and judgmental and proud
witty and provoking, keeping all at arm's length
and in the end I will be proud enough
to keep my head held high though I've met lots of Wickhams
and there's not a Darcy in sight.