By B.K.
Date: 2002 Sep 14
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I Want My Mummy!

You’ve been entombed
In that God-forsaken desert
For about a gillion years
And I’ve been patiently waiting
You see the first time I saw you
Drag your leg across that screen
I knew you were mine
I’d get so excited I’d almost wet my pants
And now soon I’ll get to unwind
All that long lost time
I’ve got a gallon of Obsession and lots
Of Lysol waiting for you Darlin
First I’m going to lean over and blow
All the sand from between your ears
Then I’ll kiss you long and hard Wow
I had no idea mummies had pecs like this
Don’t worry Darlin we can super glue
The belly button back in place
Nice long arms, hey watch it with those fingers
I think they make viagra for Mummies now
Watch out with that thang
Oh Darlin, mmm
You’ve still got plenty of spring action
Check it out mmmm
Baby it’s time to drag it on home  
I’m tired of being the Queen of De’Nile
Lets both unwind
Just you and me Mummy doing the “Monster Mash”
To our own super sexy Music City Beat.
I Love You My Mummy!