By Echolocation
Date: 2002 Sep 18
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Shelley's Creature

Around me vivid beauty perfectly embodied
Feathered wings, jewel colors,
Living, fleeting fragility
Shouting a glad "I am" in the face of the world's blindness
I too am fragile (though unbeautiful)
I want so to reach out, touch, with one finger...
Instead my clumsy hands bruise
Frighten, overwhelm, crush
And I'm left groping in the dark again

Around me humanity in all its pulsing glory
Young and old and young at heart
Shaping and guiding each other
Shouting a fierce "I am" despite the weight of fear
I am old in wisdom (though young in years)
Oh, please let me add my joys, my doubts...
Instead blundering words
Run through my teeth like water
And I'm left alone in the dark again