By TJ Holland
Date: 2002 Sep 27
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left right...left..left...left

You taught me the military phonetic alphabet. And I recite it as I run the miles and do the push-ups. I sing my own made up cadences to keep the pace and pass the time. In my mind I hear your deep voice sing the proper words and laugh at myself for not remembering them. And with every word of the alphabet I think of you.

Alpha    Always
Bravo    Babe
Charlie  Chosen
Delta    Dreams
Echo     Eternity
Foxtrot  Footloose
Golf     Gorgeous
Hotel    Happy
India    Intimate
Juliet   Jewels
Kilo     Keep
Lima     Love
Mike     Mine
November Need
Oscar    Ours
Papa     Perfect
Quebec   Quick
Romeo    Ross
Sierra   Sensual
Tango    Tara
Uniform  Understand
Victor   Vibrant
Whiskey  Warriors
X-ray    XOX
Yankee   You
Zulu     Zarzecki