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Username:TJ Holland
Member Since:Fri Apr 27 17:07:15 2001
Blender Board:651 comments


I Hear You 2002 Dec 13
left right...left..left...left 2002 Sep 27
         yeah, training is a bitch, so I make it better
Saboteur 2002 Jul 19
Quote (by Oscar Wilde) 2002 May 14
No Reply Necessary 2002 Jan 07
First and Last Date #17 2002 Jan 06
No Questions Asked 2001 Dec 31
         Consider this...
The Blender and It's People 2001 Nov 15
         This was fun!!! A chronicle of the times of man, sent forth to spread love upon the world, through the Blender.....
I'm 5 2001 Aug 12
Oedipus Cried, Jocasta Died 2001 Aug 03
         Just finished Oedipus the King, by Sophocles...again! Man, talk about loving th eWRONG person! LOL!!
Blink 2001 Jun 06
         A bump to squeen's "Just a Thought". Fun!
Right Here 2001 May 02

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