By B.K.
Date: 2002 Nov 06
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She's Wise to You

Do people ask you about that
Far away look in your eyes
Wonder where you are
When you are staring into space
With that certain smile on your face
You can not tell them she is there
Running her fingers through your hair
Brushing her cheek to yours
She comes from behind
And sits in your lap
Her arms around your neck
And giggles that giggle
You so love to hear
Then she lays the biggest kiss
Down your throat
You think you are going to loose it
You try and compose yourself
Taking deep breaths
But she is always there
In back of your smile
Attached to your last thought
There is no denial
She knows
You are there with her too
Baby she is wise to you
She is stuck to you
Like super-glue
She is crazy about you too