By Cervantes
Submitted by Kirk
Date: 2002 Nov 23
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Marcella's Defense (from Don Quixote)

"Heav'n, you're pleas'd to say, has made me beautiful, and that to such a Degree, that you are forc'd, nay, as it were compell'd to love me, in spite of your Endeavours to the contrary; and for the sake of that Love, you say I ought to love You again. Now, tho' I am sensible, that whatever is beautiful is lovely, I cannot conceive, that what is lov'd for being handsome, sho'd be bound to love that by which 'tis lov'd, meerly because 'tis lov'd."
--Marcella in Don Quixote. Marcella was accused of causing a shepard's death-by-heartbreak, and this was part of her defensive argument. I once used it on a valentine for a woman I was about ready to stop chasing after. You can also see a more modern translation.