By B.K.
Date: 2002 Nov 26
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Hope Santa Brings Me You

Date: 1 December 2000

Dear Santa,

It has been an unusual year
I have been naughty
I have also been nice
I think if you put it on a pie chart
Naughty was only about 25%.. nice 75%
Besides.. when I am bad I'm better
As Mae West used to say
So maybe I got that number backwards
Darlin Santa
You know what I want this year
He is the only thing on my list
After World Peace..Universal Love..
Everyone Fed..Everyone Healed.
Just him Santa
The one that loves me
(What do you mean, which one is that?)
You are supposed to know everything
Just Him Santa..him. (Sigh)

I love you Santa
Please Remember..just him

From Your Very Good Friend,