By Misti
Date: 2002 Dec 03
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Back to the Doll Room

last chance to make it work
tough it out
go beyond expectations
put the art under the futon
focus on panties and bras and holiday sweaters
pucker up, buttercup
kiss corporate booty
thank you santa (satan)
for all of this
money in the bank
a quarter tank of gas
passed GO a few
glittering residue glows in the dark
park it and ask the stars the same
tired questions
find the answer in a box of Lucky Charms
or a bag of Skittles
runes for the Not All There
or it's back to the doll room
looking in mommy's mirror
seeing sadness
with pretty pouty lips
and the eyes that get all the compliments
love is a luxury
at 29
when 30 looms large
barging in on the party
and there is nothing
to recommend.