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Craziness!!! 2006 Nov 29
Greedy 2006 Nov 26
I Wonder... 2006 Nov 26
         a rhymin' poem
True Love is Like a Cockroach 2006 Nov 26
Arschlochroboter 2006 Nov 26
Untitled 2006 Nov 26
         wildflowers are hot
LeTTeR To JoJo 2006 Nov 26
         chapter 25 from my nonlinear nonsense novel, Thick Lazy Tongue
Another Boring White Guy 2006 Nov 26
         a teeny tiny excerpt from last year's NaNoWriMo novel, Nova's Gone Potty
Zoe & Douglas 2006 Nov 25
         a teeny tiny excerpt from this year's NaNoWriMo novel, Mordiscado
Make Yourself At Home 2006 Nov 19
True Love Waits, My Ass 2006 May 15
         I'm working on a collection of 22 short stories for The title will be I Tell You What. This is one of the 22 stories.
Better Than Celexa 2006 Apr 26
         parody of a parody
"I Walk The Line" (by Johnny Cash) 2005 Nov 23
         one last thing (my favorite Cash song is "Folsom Prison Blues" but it isn't romance related unless you're into tossed salad
Bleeding Lamb 2005 Oct 22
What Do You See 2005 Oct 14
         thank gawd and all his angels for Babel Fish
My Cunt Just Called 2005 Oct 06
If You Can Believe This 2005 Oct 06
Girl Getting Some 2005 Oct 06
Poor Little Bitch 2005 Oct 06
Ideally 2005 Oct 06
Divorce Cut 2005 Oct 06
A Wife's Advice 2005 Oct 06
Rap Sheet 2005 Oct 06
You Drive 2005 Oct 06
Alas 2005 Oct 06
Friend From Way Back 2005 Oct 06
Throw in the Towel 2005 Oct 06
That Dreaded Ticking 2005 Oct 04
Dream Sequence #22 2005 Oct 04
Imaginary Friends 2005 Oct 02
The Animals Are Out And You Don't Have Nothin' But A Dress On 2005 Oct 02
         I empathize with Angie unsettling
Shandi Sets Her Stalker Straight 2005 Oct 02
Yonic 2005 Oct 02
Homecoming II 2005 Oct 02
"This is Where The Cowboy Rides Away" (by Sonny Throckmorton & Casey Kelly) 2005 Oct 02
         my favorite George Strait song ("Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?" is a close second)
"Someday Soon" (by Ian Tyson) 2005 Oct 02
         just found out the name of the lady who sings this song I love (Suzy Bogguss)
"Crazy He Calls Me" (by Carl Sigman) 2005 Oct 02
         my favorite Billie Holiday song
I Adore Mi Amor More Than Color Me Badd Adores Oklahoma 2005 Oct 02
Not So Dark Horse 2005 Oct 02
One More Thing, Ding A Ling 2005 Oct 01
passed over 2005 Oct 01
No Like! 2005 Jun 21
Skeletons 2005 Jun 21
Before Falling Asleep 2005 Jun 21
         corrected spelling
Before Falling Asleep 2005 Jun 21
Sooner 2005 Jun 21
That May Be The Most Impressive Thing I've Seen Underwater 2005 Jun 21
Kissing 2005 Jun 20
Mud Engineer Aspirations 2005 Jun 20
         writing a poem while my husband finishes watching this underwater cave exploration special on the History Channel
My Michael 2005 Jun 20
Zodiac Chick 2005 Jun 20
Sublime Pie 2005 Jun 19
         haiku...a bump to bijoux
We Will Leave 2005 Jun 17
Names Can Be Changed 2005 Jun 17
Yes My Darling 2005 Jun 17
Mary Hartman? 2005 Jun 17
Cherokee Fairy Tale 2005 Jun 17
Feelin' Good 2005 Jun 17
Go On, Dude (I Double Dog Dare Ya!) 2005 Jun 17
         no one is holding a gun to yer head makin' you read these poems
Cock Fan 2005 Jun 17
         written this morning
Not a Drop of Scorpio in My Chart: Psalms 37 2005 Jun 17
         a bump to King David
House 2005 Jun 17
         a poem I wrote this afternoon
Transformer 2005 Jun 10
         at this poetry site one of the assignments was to write a poem using titles of songs on your favorite's mine
Bad Girls Go To Hell 2005 Jun 10
         inspired by collage cover of my chapbook (Mnemosyne)
Snuggles The Teddy Bear 2005 Jun 10
Killing Time 2005 Jun 10
Sitting To The Left 2005 Jun 10
Both Barrels Blazing 2005 Jun 08
         a hospital poem
You Are Sucha Fool (by Ntozake Shange) 2005 Jun 05
         a good poem
Save The Best Linens For Company 2005 Jun 05
Most Beautiful 2005 Jun 05
Pinot Noir Pity Party 2005 Jun 05
         just watched "Sideways" with my husband, couldn't resist
I Want To Be 2005 Jun 01
         wrote this poem years ago...I can't believe I never submitted it
Ignore the Hole 2005 May 31
And She Shall Have Music Wherever She Goes 2005 May 30
Me The Peon 2005 May 30
Meme & Pop's House 2005 May 30
         revised (sorry)
Meme & Pop's House 2005 May 30
         a Southern poem...written a few months ago
Isotopes Saturday Night 2005 May 30
         a cinquain, yo
Memorable Weekend 2005 May 29
         my first pantoum...I'm experimenting with more formalized, structured poetry
Trying 2005 May 29
         trying to write a triolet...ha
Olinda 2005 May 28
He Calls Me on it 2005 May 27
Mulberry Bush 2005 May 27
God's Little Fisherman 2005 May 27
         began as a joke at really does imitate art
Tongue Waggling 2005 May 24
         bitter and pity pottyish (I don't say Pity Party, I say Pity Potty) and I know I need to change my attitude but have you seen "American Splendor"? I'm the Paul Giamatti character, alas. Harvey Pekar.
Not Insomnia, Exactly 2005 May 23
Gay Marriage 2005 May 23
         received a letter and petition from one Martin Mawyer, President of Christian Action is my succinct reply
"Damn it, Janet!" (by Richard O'Brien) 2005 May 23
         I especially like the version on "The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show" cd
Our Wedding 2005 May 23
Ramble of the Worst Kind 2005 May 23
Ramble of the Worst Kind 2005 May 23
The Return of Marie Crenshaw 2005 May 22
Love Song From Jesus 2005 May 22
         facetious, for my mom and her husband
Song of the Angry Wallflower 2005 May 22
Ridiculous 2005 May 21
         my three submissions in the Ridiculously Short Fiction contest (117 words or less)
Problem Solved 2005 May 19
battering blows 2005 May 19
         written in a parking lot last Saturday
Tree House Tirades 2005 May 19
Puppy Dog 2005 May 19
Big Love 2005 May 19
         inspired by more bad news from Texas, the grandest and gaudiest of all the states (puke)
Madrid, New Mexico 2005 May 19
         another one from a couple of weeks ago
Plastic Treatment 2005 May 18
         another one I wrote this month
2nd Marriage 2005 May 18
         wrote this one a couple of weeks ago
My First Studio Apartment 2005 May 18
         this one is relatively new
Bachelorette Party 2005 Apr 11
When Are You Going To Stop Being John Boy (And Start Being John Man) 2005 Apr 07
         just found the quote while searching for "Katherine," a Sissy Spacek movie from 1975 you can buy for a buck at Wal-Mart
Credut Card Bloos (by Kim Wu) 2005 Mar 10
That Honky Bitch is Horny 2005 Mar 09
         oops, revised
That Honky Bitch is Horny 2005 Mar 09
         oops, revised
That Honky Bitch is Horny 2005 Mar 09
Playtime For The Retarded 2005 Mar 08
"Classic Girl" (by Jane's Addiction) 2005 Mar 08
         an old favorite, just bought "Ritual De Lo Habitual"
"I Love You (You Know I Don't)" (by Frogs) 2005 Mar 08
         "My Daughter the Broad" cd arrived in the mail yesterday!!!
Revival 2005 Mar 08
Real Deal 2005 Mar 07
A Different March 2005 Mar 04
A Different March 2005 Mar 04
Strawberry 2005 Feb 22
Loopy Loo 2005 Feb 22
Rope 2005 Feb 22
The Dog is Pissed and so am I 2005 Feb 22
Rubes With Lube 2005 Feb 22
32nd Birthday 2005 Feb 18
         latest xanga blog
VD 2005 2005 Feb 15
A Romance Novel (Condensed Like Soup) 2005 Feb 14
Oh I Know You Must Be THE ONE 2005 Feb 14
Nail it Down 2005 Feb 14
It All Comes Down to the Goddamn Laundry 2005 Feb 14
Valentine Without the Lace 2005 Feb 14
America, You Can... 2005 Feb 04
         an erotic political love poem written with a broken heart
         one of my favorite poets (correct spelling, for the record, is KATHIE)
Sea Dream Hero 2004 Dec 21
Head Cold 2004 Dec 20
"This Celluloid Dream" (by AFI) 2004 Dec 10
         Michael introduced me to this band...I've never heard any of their songs, I just like these lyrics
Grinch 2004 Dec 10
Fierce With Reality 2004 Dec 09
Nerve 2004 Dec 09
Weeds 2004 Dec 08
         "don't need friends that act like foes"
Leave Me Alone 2004 Dec 08
         not the Michael Jackson song...ha
"Happiness is a Warm Gun" (by John Lennon) 2004 Dec 08
         not Lennon-McCartney...this song was obviously written by John...this is my favorite Beatles song
"Watching The Wheels" (by John Lennon) 2004 Dec 08
         forgot to put in "author's name," please delete first attempt
"God" (by John Lennon) 2004 Dec 08
         my second favorite Lennon song
"Watching The Wheels" 2004 Dec 08
         my favorite John Lennon song
Laws of the Jungle (Return to Pre-K) 2004 Dec 07
Mystical Magical Mojo 2004 Dec 06
         overheard the title from a kid playing with multi-colored plastic teddy bears
Christmas Challenge Contender 2004 Dec 06
         my entry....something naughty, not too nice
Learning Curve 2004 Dec 03
Xmas List 2004 Dec 01
Thanksgiving Eve 2004 2004 Nov 24
Poem 92 (by Damien Echols) 2004 Nov 23
         written by a man still in prison for homicides he did not commit
I Am Going To Love You Like Crazy 2004 Nov 23
         submitted to a parody contest which was created to make fun of vanity poetry contests
Something For The Touts, The Nuns, The Grocery Clerks, And You . . . (by Charles Bukowski) 2004 Nov 23
Bath Time 2004 Nov 23
Whose Lion is it Anyway? 2004 Nov 23
Trying To Be Happy 2004 Nov 22
Fuck You Very Much Part Two 2004 Nov 22
         my response to an email entitled "tacky"
Fuck You Very Much 2004 Nov 22
         missed my callin' as a Riot Grrrl
The Party 2004 Nov 22
Atkins Menu 2004 Nov 22
         sick of the bullshit, through with the pretense
Movin' On Up 2004 Nov 22
Big Ball 2004 Nov 19
Aquarius Tornado & Leo Volcano 2004 Nov 19
Implied Nudity 2004 Nov 18
Creamed Corn Congealed in a Can 2004 Nov 18
Fugue Flavored Canto 2004 Nov 18
Purple Hickey 2004 Nov 15
11:11 2004 Nov 14
Grocery Store Horror 2004 Nov 14
Warped Pages in a Cheap Album 2004 Nov 13
When I Was More Sour Than Sweet Sixteen 2004 Nov 13
Crazed From One Cage Too Many 2004 Nov 13
You've Never Heard of Ayn Rand 2004 Nov 13
         last revision....the kid will be going home soon and I can concentrate
You've Never Heard of Ayn Rand 2004 Nov 13
         revised...sorry, I was helping a kid play a game that requires 8-letter words
You've Never Heard of Ayn Rand 2004 Nov 13
Shititis 2004 Nov 13
Because They Killed the Bull of Heaven 2004 Nov 12
eBuLLieNce deFiNed 2004 Nov 12
How I Wish 2004 Nov 11
Painted For Composed For (Another Mother Poem) 2004 Oct 26
Your Next Relationship 2004 Oct 20
Simple Woman Ha 2004 Oct 20
San Francisco if I ever See You 2004 Oct 20
Where is That Bitch 2004 Oct 20
Men Sleep Snoring 2004 Oct 20
Jude Law is on TV 2004 Oct 20
One Poem Before Another Job Interview 2004 Oct 18
We Are Not Losers 2004 Oct 15
This Thursday Night Sucks 2004 Oct 14
A People's History 2004 Oct 12
Poverty & Traffic & Other Complaints 2004 Oct 12
My Legs Hate Me 2004 Aug 19
Last Night's Phone Conversation 2004 Aug 18
Notes On MDL 2004 Aug 18
Bert & Rob 2004 Aug 17
         magnet poem, instant nonsense
"Burnin' For You" (by Blue Oyster Cult) 2004 Aug 16
         burnin' for Michael
Practically Speaking 2004 Aug 16
Frilly 2004 Aug 16
I Can't Imagine A Tastier Pastry 2004 Aug 13
         more Barbie porn...this one features the Purple Pieman
Sammy+Allison=1 Night of Hot Drunken Animal Sex 2004 Aug 13
         Barbie porn for local TV show
Your Personal Ad Sucks, Dude 2004 Aug 13
         Barbie drama for cable access
An August Haiku For My Lion 2004 Aug 13
Said I Would Never 2004 Aug 13
"Dancin' in the Dark" (by Bruce Springsteen) 2004 Aug 10
         this song sums up my current love life
Just So 2004 Aug 10
Dry Versus Wet 2004 Aug 10
More Sense Than Beating A Dead Horse 2004 Aug 06
Male Friend Needs Technical Support (by unknown) 2004 Aug 06
         found at
How Badly I Suck 2004 Aug 06
This is Crazy 2004 Aug 06
Star Power 2004 Aug 05
         for Michael, my most favorite Leo!!!
Attacked By The Devil Hisself 2004 Aug 04
Excerpt From a Longish Phone Conversation 2004 Aug 04
I Keep 2004 Jul 30
You Would Be Surprised To Know 2004 Jul 30
In The Tub Talkin' To God 2004 Jul 30
Hearing Your Yawns A State Away 2004 Jul 28
"Sometimes When We Touch" (by Dan Hill) 2004 Jul 27
         I just listened to this song for the first time in years...I really feel the lyrics
Fan Letter To Various Dead Stars 2004 Jul 27
My Greatness 2004 Jul 25
Hope For a Happy Ending 2004 Jul 25
Next Phase, Please 2004 Jul 25
Fuck a Duck 2004 Jul 25
You Got it 2004 Jul 25
Out of My Johnny Deppth 2004 Jul 25
Flavored Condoms 2004 Jul 25
You're Not So Hot 2004 Jul 25
I Would Never Eat African Cave Dwelling Spiders For A New Car 2004 Jul 23
"Shimmer" (by Fuel) 2004 Jul 23
         one of my all-time favorite songs
There is a World 2004 Jul 23
Janis 2004 Jul 23
did she... 2004 Jul 23
I Am So Fucked 2004 Jul 19
It's Your Call 2004 Jul 19
Big Girl Panties 2004 Jul 19
         written a few days ago, inspired by picture in People
Everlasting Love is Possible, Virginia 2004 Jul 19
Scene One 2004 Jul 17
         from the first episode of "Love Sucks, Sometimes," the soap opera I am writing for the cable access show...the characters are Barbie and Ken dolls and the Purple Pieman
Chapter Six 2004 Jul 17
         chapter six from Licking The Yum
"Paradise By The Dashboard Light" (by Jim Steinman) 2004 Jul 17
         I never knew this song until my boyfriend sang it at karaoke one night. I heard it on the radio two days ago and was blown away by how much my boyfriend sounds like Meat Loaf.
"Love Will Find a Way" (by Yes) 2004 Jul 17
         "i eat at chez nous"...LMAO...whatever...i love this song!!!
Bridgeport 2004 Jul 01
Missing Michael 2004 Jul 01
3 Months 2004 Jul 01
The Last Morning I Drove Away 2004 Jul 01
This 4th of July 2004 Jul 01
Hera, Come Hither!!! 2004 Jun 26
"You're a Big Girl Now" (by Bob Dylan) 2004 Jun 02
         my newest favorite song from "Blood on the Tracks"
Tossing & Turning/Yearning For The Impossible Per Fuckin' Usual 2004 Jun 02
I Need You Right Now, Goddammit 2004 Jun 02
         more of the same, yo
I'm Moving Back To A Stupid State 2004 Jun 02
         punk rock lyrics posted at xanga
Old Friends 2004 Jun 02
He is Madly LoVed 2004 May 23
Scotty 2004 May 23
History Channel 2004 May 22
New ChapTeR 2004 May 22
         i may use this as the latest chapter in my book of 147 pages/chapters...I think I'm on page/chapter 33 so this would be 34
Another Poem He'll Never Read 2004 May 21
TeRRoRiST ALeRT 2004 May 21
Requiem (SLurred) 2004 May 21
Moody Bitch 2004 May 16
SheeP EnvY 2004 May 16
There's Amy Goodman (and then there's Me) 2004 May 16
YaMMeRiNg 2004 May 16
preTTy pLeaS 2004 May 16
RoSeS 2004 May 15
DaRK RooM 2004 May 10
         can you give me sanctuary
"Diamonds and Rust" (by Joan Baez) 2004 May 10
         I never knew this song until Michael sang it to me on our lunch break today...
"You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" (by Bob Dylan) 2004 May 10
         my newest favorite song, from "Blood on the Tracks"
M&M 2004 May 09
LiVinG in OaKLand 2004 May 07
GeNeSiS 2004 May 07
         how we started
HaNGinG ouT in The 8TH 2004 May 07
         it's Friday and I'm in LoVe
hoW doeS iT FeeL To Be #1? 2004 May 06
FiFTh oF Mayonnaise 2004 May 06
         some letters look better uppercase
mY TRue CoLoRs Ain't PasTeL 2004 May 05
         i blame the typo on the potluck...damn sopapillas
My TRue CoLors Ain't PasTeL 2004 May 05
There Aren't Enough Porches 2004 Apr 30
Murmurings 2004 Apr 30
         do not read this poem if you are related to me/prudish/easily offended/criminally idiotic
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter 2004 Apr 29
Independent Woman Blues 2004 Apr 28
         MVD Express SUCKS
Granted 2004 Apr 28
anXious eXhilarated seXed 2004 Apr 27
uLTiMATE Yummm 2004 Apr 27
Untitled (by Michael) 2004 Apr 19
         I read your poems today via are the most incredible woman I've ever known!!
I Take Thee PEZ Dispenser 2004 Apr 16
         a mini script/sketch i just wrote for "Deface The Nation"
Beer Fantasy 2004 Apr 15
         speakin' of pussy...wrote this one awhile back as Cheetah
My Reply 2004 Apr 15
My Precious Daughter 2004 Apr 15
         this recent email from my mom kinda explains years of therapy and why I will never be "all there"
TaLKinG To GoDs 2004 Apr 13
HeLL is 2004 Apr 12
"Lovin' Her Was Easier" (by Kris Kristofferson) 2004 Apr 12
         a beautiful love song, one of my all-time favorites
Are You... 2004 Apr 09
On a Taco Picnic 2004 Apr 09
Don't Be So Stupid, Fuck Face 2004 Apr 09
"Which One of You Gave my Daughter the Dope?" (by the Frogs) 2004 Apr 08
         food for demented souls like mine
"Reelin' and Rockin' #2" (by the Frogs) 2004 Apr 08
         thanks to Arthur for introducing me to this band
FLyinG 2004 Apr 08
         not to be crueL, but...
"Tell Me Something Good" (by Rufus & Chaka Khan) 2004 Apr 07
         got this song stuck in my head
You Want To See Me Puke 2004 Mar 15
I Will Miss Your Grocery Lists 2004 Mar 15
Where Do I Go 2004 Mar 15
I Stood On a Mountain 2004 Mar 15
My Love Wishes For You 2004 Mar 15
The American Me 2004 Mar 15
I Don't Like The Flavor 2004 Mar 15
You Are My Special Fucker 2004 Mar 12
Tin Man 2004 Mar 11
Ninth Grader 2004 Mar 11
The World is Yer Oyster (Unless You Prefer Cocktail Shrimp) 2004 Mar 11
Printing For T-Mobile 2004 Mar 11
         not much to do with printing
More Blah Blah Blah 2004 Mar 09
         (more blah blah blah)
Cell Phoneless Update For My Husband 2004 Mar 09
         I don't own a cell phone
Pineapple 2004 Feb 29
         latest blog
Electricity 2004 Feb 22
Something's Wrong With The Radio 2004 Feb 22
Crystal 2004 Feb 22
Bait 2004 Feb 22
Feeding The Void With Air 2004 Feb 22
Gypsy Without The Exotic Glamor 2004 Feb 22
WaL-MaRT and David GaLe 2004 Feb 09
         latest blog, more nonsense
If I Were A Mail Order Bride (he would send me back for a refund and then some) 2004 Feb 08
         latest xanga blog
"Happiness is a Warm Gun" (by John Lennon) 2004 Feb 02
         (I know Paul had nothing to do with's pure John)...we don't have a song...Chris likes "Kiss From a Rose" and i like this
Bring Me 2004 Jan 30
If You Don't Know, I Can't Explain 2004 Jan 30
         a fictional dream
Rollerskating With God's Favorite 2004 Jan 30
         prose, for a change...inspired by a rather terse email i received this a.m.
Share The Love (Even When Things Get Messy) 2004 Jan 29
         the words "paper cut" remind me of the poems Michael submitted in the spring of this is kind of like my tribute to Michael, one of my favorite writers
What is the Symbolism Behind Coffee and Wontons? 2004 Jan 17
         just awoke from a series of incredible dreams
"Single Again" (by Gary Stewart) 2004 Jan 10
         in honor of one of my all-time favorites, who blew his brains out last year
"Brokedown Palace" (by Grateful Dead) 2004 Jan 10
         in honor of the poet whose brain might be fried
"Afternoon Delight" (by Starland Vocal Band) 2003 Dec 27
         me so horny
Spoiled White Girl Blues 2003 Dec 27
I Really And Truly Love the Fuck of All Fuck Outta Myself 2003 Dec 27
         damn!@#$@$ i misspelled "voluptuous"...and the gals at work say I'm such a stellar speller...right
esTaLLaR viDa 2003 Dec 27
Tim Hale 2003 Dec 07
         a girl once said she loved the stars in his eyes
Flesh Collage 2003 Dec 07
Adopt A Pet Peeve 2003 Nov 26
         this is perhaps the deepest poem I have ever written....ha
Dana Plato 2003 Nov 26
         raw drunken blabber as well it should be
There is no Spring 2003 Nov 21
         email to my husband
E-Mail Regarding Gender 2003 Nov 20
         just sent this to my sister, whose baby is due in July
Automatic Angst 2003 Nov 17
         poetry in motion sub, (better expressed by Smashing Pumpkins in "Today is the Greatest")
Sid 2003 Nov 17
God/Goddess/Darwin/Vonnegut/Santa Claus/Chuck Berry Help Me 2003 Nov 17
Puking Myself Up 2003 Nov 17
If You Believe In Soul Mates 2003 Nov 15
         I'm sorry, I had to clean this up. It's a mess.
If you Believe in Soul Mates 2003 Nov 15
         for Christopher Lake and Michelle Rossi
There Is No Happily Ever After 2003 Nov 15
         everyone knows this
An E-Mail To My Future Self 2003 Nov 15
         this was fun
Shout Out To Britney Spears 2003 Nov 14
         today was rainy and cold so to warm my heart i bought Heart To Heart at Thrift Town, featuring Ms. Spears and her mom, Lynne
Capabilities 2003 Nov 13
Pisces Dream 2003 Nov 13
         wrote this for a new xanga blog that I'm not telling anyone about
Flea 2003 Nov 10
         this is not about Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Hardcore 2003 Nov 10
         a haiku about my heart
La Luz 2003 Nov 10
         a haiku for my husband
Vacancy 2003 Nov 10
         wrote this at work tonight/this morning
Gooderest Times 2003 Nov 08
         purposefully grammatically incorrect!!! nothing against the word "best"...
Soleil Amie 2003 Nov 08
         an English poem with a French title!
Another Olive Garden Poem 2003 Nov 07
         i wrote my first Olive Garden poem in 2001 when i lived in a swamp and was even more depressed than i am now...thank GAWD for mesas and mountains
Cameron Diaz Nightmare 2003 Nov 07
         a bad nightmare
Not A Haiku (by Christopher Lake) 2003 Nov 06
         a poem Cookie Bear e-mailed me this morning
This Samhain 2003 Nov 01
Defective Robot 2003 Nov 01
         divorce brings out the worst in me
Gobble All The Dots And Fruits And Ghosts 2003 Oct 31
         (and don't apologize for your satisfied burps)...latest xanga
Mexico 2003 Oct 31
         no more submissions...I need to finish my pop art collage entitled This Little Light Of Mine
Plumbing Assistance 2003 Oct 31
         this, too, is a haiku
Actual VSD Telephone Conversation 2003 Oct 31
         short and to the point
Phone Sex 2003 Oct 31
         this is not meant to turn you's supposed to be funny but it isn't
Bitchy 2003 Oct 31
         a bitchy haiku
A Redneck's Lament 2003 Oct 31
         another haiku
Woman Talk 2003 Oct 31
         not a haiku...a poem penned in the break room at VSD
I Am Deep 2003 Oct 31
         another haiku (i write these at work to maintain a stark semblance of sanity)
I AM NOT HER 2003 Oct 31
         another haiku penned at VSD
Flash 2003 Oct 31
         a haiku about my hero
Glazed Donut Cottage 2003 Oct 26
         a "poetry in motion" creation i submitted to
Barbie and Ken, a Dialogue 2003 Oct 19
         another husband (platonic friend at the time) e-mailed me after he read this and thanked me for making him laugh his ass off
Saturated 2003 Oct 19
         another poem from the same era
Serendipity Doo Dah 2003 Oct 19
         first submitted in March of 2000...this is for Cookie Bear
there is nothing more depressing 2003 Oct 17
         i actually wrote this poem on the clock at VSD
I Want To Be 2003 Oct 17
         another VSD ten hour overnight shift penned poem
American Men 2003 Oct 17
         a poem I wrote at work a few nights ago
My Head Is Crammed 2003 Oct 11
         I'm not going to lie. This is some fucked up shit, ya'll.
Today Is Friday And I Did Not Live 2003 Oct 11
         a poem about yesterday, which was Friday
Something Somewhere Went Bad Wrong 2003 Oct 11
         dirty fantasy...parental discretion is advised
Dignity is An Ugly Word 2003 Oct 07
         i don't like the way it sounds
Crawling Skin 2003 Oct 07
         a bad acid trip without the acid
Puppet With Cut Strings 2003 Oct 02
Politely Lightly Politically Correct 2003 Oct 01
         can't we all just get along???!!@$@$$@$
Don't Homeless People Get On Your Nerves? 2003 Sep 29
         not romance-related in the usual sense...this is a poem about my brother and how readily I identify with his sorrow and solitude
Planning For El Dia de Los Muertos, 2003 2003 Sep 29
         wrote this at work two nights ago
I Love How You 2003 Sep 28
         a bump to gardenpoet, formerly gardenguru, btw
error of my ways 2003 Sep 26
         another poem from '99
Wasted Friday 2003 Sep 26
Your Girl 2003 Sep 26
         an old poem that I wrote in '99...not sure if I ever submitted it but I've revised it, anyway
You Have 2003 Sep 26
I Waded My Whole Life For You 2003 Sep 26
Piss Poor 2003 Sep 25
Clocking Out 2003 Sep 25
ANGEL IN JAIL 2003 Sep 20
         all caps 'cause anagrams are supposed to be all caps...submitted this in March of 2000
Rain Man's Carousel 2003 Sep 17
         this one is brand spankin' new
Conquest #7 2003 Sep 17
         this one is also from 31 January 2000
Buoyant Brat 2003 Sep 17
         I forgot this one, too...27 January 2000
Feedin' The Hunger 2003 Sep 17
         another one I'd forgotten...submitted 1/31/00
Gone 2003 Sep 17
         a poem I had forgotten...submitted 9/25/99
Tribute To John Ritter 2003 Sep 12
         in memory of a man who brought much laughter into my life
"I Walk The Line" (by Johnny Cash) 2003 Sep 12
         in memory of one of our best
Raise Your Hand If You're Sure 2003 Sep 12
11 September (2001) 2003 Sep 11
         this is for Lisa, who is a much better woman than I am...
Listen Up, Buttercup 2003 Sep 07
         an angry punk rock song
This Means Something 2003 Sep 07
         this is a true story about seven apocalypses and it isn't at all cute
Caved In 2003 Sep 06
         originally submitted 2/6/01
Kiss The Girl For Tryin' 2003 Sep 05
         a poem that I had forgotten about...first submitted 2/12/00
See Thru 2003 Sep 04
I'm Dead But 2003 Sep 03
         correcting misspelling
I'm Dead But 2003 Sep 03
         corrected spelling
I'm Dead But 2003 Sep 03
         gearin' up for All Hallow's Eve/Dia De Los Muertos
The Life of Riley 2003 Sep 03
         not to be confused with Reilly....short short story
White Disc 2003 Aug 29
         inspired by last Wednesday night
"George Bush, I Would Party Witcha" 2003 Aug 29
         a very bad flavor of ice cream/punk rock lyrics i wrote a couple of weeks ago
To Be A Poet 2003 Aug 23
Sick With Milk 2003 Aug 23
Please Bless Us 2003 Aug 23
"Run To Me" (by Bee Gees) 2003 Aug 14
         this song is so fucking unbelievably spoke to me when i was four and it speaks to me now at thirty
whiFF 2003 Aug 14
         better than any candle, incense, perfume or candy
Undone Slowly (by Grace Zabriskie) 2003 Aug 13
         an excerpt from Games, from an erotic anthology I bought at a thrift shop for two bucks
Leo's Perspective 2003 Aug 12
         inspired by my recent trek to Acoma Sky City, where there is no electricity or running water
Street Singer (by Julie Vinograd) 2003 Aug 12
         a poem from Holding Up The Wall, published in 1987
Always (It Seems) When 2003 Aug 12
Oh. Dear. God. 2003 Aug 12
         I am reading old Boards and making myself's one from the fall of '99
Memo (not a mission statement) 2003 Aug 12
         a Board comment dated 1/28/98
"Girl of His Sweetest Dreams" 2003 Jul 30
         track #1 on my dream cd
"Morrissey, I Want You (Badly)" 2003 Jul 30
         this is track #2 of "CHOMP! (more sugar, Daddy)" dream punk/avant garde cd
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (by Willie Nelson) 2003 Jul 24
         god, this song kills me...I get chills when he sings "and your fever down" in his inimitable "Whiskey River" voice
21st Century Doors...ha 2003 Jul 24
         another post from the Real Life board at JANE (re: first and last concerts)
His Holiness 2003 Jul 21
         I don't write enough love poems for the person who deserves them the most.
Mars is a Tricky Devil 2003 Jul 21
         my response to an astrology thread at JANE
Memos 2003 Jul 19
         my post on the "memo" board at JANE...those boards are my latest addiction
Gobbled 2003 Jul 18
         sorry...had to revise...blame the Tylenol P.M.
Chinese For Ouch (a tattoo idea) 2003 Jul 10
         an email I just sent to a chick who works in a tattoo parlor in Vegas
Bob Smith 2003 Jul 06
         title inspired by a comment made by Damien Echols in "Paradise Lost"...right before he was sentenced to die by lethal injection
Mnemosyne's PooL 2003 Jul 02
Snarl 2003 Jul 02
         my latest blog...quite bitter, a bit brutal
Neighbors (by Katharine Hepburn) 2003 Jul 02
         she had the right idea
Fire Jumps the River 2003 Jun 26
         erotic nonsense
Tomorrow (by Morrissey) 2003 Jun 25
         oh, the exquisite torture, the vulgar melancholy of unrequited luv
Oh, Marshall!!! 2003 Jun 22
         latest xanga
Freudian Fuck 2003 Jun 20
         inspired by yesterday morning's dreams
The Luxury of a Domesticated Pee 2003 Jun 19
         thought it up on the commute to Rio Rancho
Miranda 2003 Jun 19
monday morning Breakdown 2003 Jun 16
         I can't stop crying
Missed 2003 Jun 14
         my entry in Gala's challenge
Coyote Kinship 2003 Jun 10
         boo from a dead brain
Rob, I Would Have... 2003 Jun 07
         inspired by an article I read in the latest Rolling Stone
For Meme and Pop on Their 50th Anniversary 2003 Jun 07
         I just sent this e-mail to my mom to put in a memory book for my maternal grandparents
A Ridiculous Rap (Not FM Radio Friendly) 2003 Jun 06
         dreamed of Eminem last night...I love "Eight Mile"
Black! White! Fear! Love! 2003 Jun 06
         we've all seen "Bonanza"
I Always Hated the Count 2003 Jun 04
         the Count from "Sesame Street" bothered me but this poem isn't about him
Fantasy Island 2003 Jun 03
         my husband bought "Return to Fantasy Island"...I love the darkness
Marriage (by Gregory Corso) 2003 May 30
         made famous by Ethan Hawke in "Reality Bites"
Oh, How My Poor Whore Heart Aches 2003 Mar 26
         okay...I'm beyond pissed...I'm so pissed that I'm rhyming...ugghhh
Venus Meets Neptune 2003 Feb 06
         dollar scratch-off card type fantasy
Big Empty Ache 2003 Jan 30
Bio In D Minor 2003 Jan 26 sentiment here.
Keep Yer Hat On, Honey (by Misti & Steven Ryniak) 2003 Jan 23
         well, I'm sorry about all of this...I'm stupid. I'm a filthy idiot. But this needs to be read and savored with no distractions.
Keep Yer Hat On, Honey (by Misti & Steven Ryniak) 2003 Jan 23
         (SIGH)...revised...sorry....I ain't got no excuse
Keep Yer Hat On, Honey 2003 Jan 23
         my latest xanga, a celebration of marriage and hats
Venus in Furs (by Lou Reed) 2003 Jan 17
         my favorite song from my newest cd...Velvet Underground featuring Nico
Naughty Sluts Need Luv, Too 2003 Jan 16
         my tacky way of spillin' my bloody guts all over the screen
Glowing Knowing 2003 Jan 14
         thought it up at the Taco Cabana drive-thru
Smaltz #3 2003 Jan 13
         !!@@### this is the LAST one!!!!! I need to get in bed. I am worthless right now!!!
Smaltz 2003 Jan 13
         I left out cupcake...I'm sorry. I'm druggy from the Excedrin P.M.
Smaltz 2003 Jan 13
         my entry in the contest!!!
We Vowed 2003 Jan 12
         a poem for Meme and will be 50 years in June!
It's De-Lovely (by Cole Porter) 2003 Jan 11
         my favorite Cole Porter song
Black&White 2003 Jan 10
         my vanity on display
Beyond the Barbed Wire 2003 Jan 08
         memory mixed with fiction
My 2002 2003 Jan 08
         takin' the challenge
Joan? 2003 Jan 07
         my second poem in a week that mentions Joan of Arc
Amends (by Ally Sheedy) 2003 Jan 07
         from Yesterday I Saw The Sun, published in 1991
Divine 2003 Jan 03
         pretend like you're reading my diary....oooooh, the intrigue!!!
Dustin Sky 2003 Jan 03
         my latest xanga
Celebrate, Damn it!!! 2003 Jan 02
         latest xanga blog
Wumpus 2002 Dec 24
         I've felt this poem for a long time. My poems aren't competent anymore, but here it is. "Hunt the Wumpus" is an archaic computer game I played when I was twelve.
Back to the Doll Room 2002 Dec 03
Glaciers Are Disappearing 2002 Nov 28
         my attempt at the Chrimbo challenge
The Reason God Made Saturn 2002 Nov 22
Crumbs 2002 Nov 19
         thought this one up on the drive to work yesterday
Your Love Life is About to Change Forever 2002 Nov 07
         inspired by my very own pop art collages
Catchy Kisses 2002 Nov 04
         Chris forgot these gems from the same crazy little book...
Misti Is 2002 Nov 02
         inspired by googlism (Kirk, you find the coolest shit!)
There Are Twists 2002 Nov 02
Diurnal Grappling 2002 Oct 24
Lipstuck 2002 Oct 18
         it's my Sunday night and I should be scrubbin' the potty
Over the Hills and Far Away (by Page/Plant) 2002 Sep 29
         my favorite Led Zeppelin song...I just heard it on the radio
Take Me 2002 Sep 29
         needing some yummm
Down Deep (by Elizabeth Wurtzel) 2002 Sep 28
         an excerpt from Prozac Nation
Keeping A Safe Distance 2002 Sep 28
         another one from the same ancient notebook
Sugar Free 2002 Sep 28
         an old poem I just found in an old blue spiral notebook
Lonely Mars 2002 Sep 22
         a short art film with salty language (art film my ass...ha)
Sweet 86 2002 Sep 20
         another old one, inspired by an AARP member
Back Seat of My Car 2002 Sep 20
         another oldie, inspired by SPM
Nothin' Like the Real Thing (Baby!!!) 2002 Sep 20
         don't drink Dr. Buzz (another old better with images)
This Song is Gonna Have A Chorus (So Help Me Frankie Avalon!!!) 2002 Sep 20
A Song With a Chorus 2002 Sep 20
         another old poem from xanga
Shattered 2002 Sep 20
         an old poem I posted at xanga
Glass Bottles 2002 Sep 20
         an old xanga entry (fiction/prose)
Letter From a Guy Named John (by John Halladay) 2002 Sep 19
         an old letter I found in my coffee table/trunk...I think it's slightly bizarre that his definition of a pervert is a homosexual
Fuel 2002 Sep 19
         latest xanga with slight revisions
Full of Myself 2002 Sep 16
         a poem I just submitted to the Respite
Death Breath 2002 Sep 14
         i just found a sugar skull image at google and it inspired this poem
Freddy Ain't a Good Steady 2002 Sep 14
         my monster challenge entry
Sonnet XIX (by William Shakespeare) 2002 Sep 08
         this sonnet perfectly describes how I've been feeling lately...for my Chris, with much love
Oh, Flash! 2002 Sep 07
         uh...I'm not sure if I've ever submitted a poem about Flash Gordon/Sam J. here it is
Devolution 2002 Sep 07
Dissatisfied Cyborg 2002 Sep 05
Psychedelic Devil 2002 Sep 05
         I did a painting of a psychedelic devil head. I am gonna do a whole devil series. Angels bore me.
God's Bus Stop 2002 Sep 04
         another one from 2001
A Different Kind of Drama 2002 Sep 04
         an old poem from 2001
For Erica 2002 Sep 02
         revised!!! uggghh....I should be in bed!!!
For Erica 2002 Sep 02
         I just sent a short fan letter to Erica Jong....this is my tribute to one of my favorite writers
More On Being Broken 2002 Sep 02
         an e-mail i just sent to my sheds a lot of light on why i am the way i am
The Witch (by Adelaide Crapsey) 2002 Aug 29
         an old poem I found in a book of Erica Jong essays
Nostalgia Makes Me Nauseous 2002 Aug 28
I Have Hated Myself 2002 Aug 25
Blech 2002 Aug 22
Trouble With the In-Laws 2002 Aug 22
         latest xanga
The Talented Mr. Jay 2002 Aug 17
         this is not a parody
Still a Burrito 2002 Aug 15
         inspired by this morning's strange dreams
Big Fat Red "A" 2002 Aug 09
         sorry...had to correct this
Big Fat Red "A" 2002 Aug 09
         latest xanga entry
Yuppie Couple (by Pete Babones) 2002 Aug 03
         an excerpt from Coming Home
I Woke Up (by Autumn Blankenship) 2002 Jul 31
         a poem my sister wrote
Return 2002 Jul 31
Spare Me The Sugar, Honey 2002 Jul 31
         one more old poem
Change 2002 Jul 31
         another poem I submitted as "tawnia" (!!!)
Watch 2002 Jul 31
         a poem I submitted as "tawnia" in September '98
For You 2002 Jul 31
         a vulnerable poem I wrote in September of '98
Day on the Road (by Christopher Lake) 2002 Jul 31
         a story Chris wrote in '95 or '96
Common 2002 Jul 30
Sedona 2002 Jul 29
         I decided to try one more time.
Sedona 2002 Jul 29
         I just tried to submit this...hope it works this time!
Sedona 2002 Jul 29
You Suck 2002 Jul 28
         another lame, masochistic poem written in June...I hate the fact that it's only partially ironic
Burn Me 2002 Jul 28
         a masochistic poem I wrote June 20th (my mom's birthday)
I Am Screaming SOS To Deaf Ears 2002 Jul 28
         latest xanga entry
Lessons From Our Good Pal Ozzy 2002 Jul 21
         a poem I wrote in New York the summer of 2000 when I was withdrawing from Paxil...Paxil sucks!
All Stirred Up 2002 Jul 21
         a poem from the spring of 2000 when I was single and living in a crappy yet well-decorated apartment in BFE
Raw 2002 Jul 21
The World We Knew (Over and Over) (by Burt Kaempfert) 2002 Jul 21
         my favorite Frank Sinatra song
Caroline, No (by Brian Wilson/Tony Asher) 2002 Jul 21
         my favorite Beach Boys song
Antenna (by The Church) 2002 Jul 21
         my favorite song sometimes
Give Us Some Wolves (by Edward Abbey) 2002 Jul 21
         stellar excerpt from Black Sun, my favorite Ed Abbey book
Past One O'Clock (by Vladimir Mayakovsky) 2002 Jul 20
         he wrote this poem before he killed himself (1930)
Sexxxay 2002 Jul 19
Drunken Idiot Pick-Up Haiku 2002 Jul 19
Windsong 2002 Jul 19
         I'm not entering this one in the contest 'cause it's not traditional.
Jay's Way 2002 Jul 19
         a haiku about the guy I illegally married in Vegas 11-22-95
In Love Haiku 2002 Jul 19
Radio Haiku 2002 Jul 19
Dancing Haiku 2002 Jul 19
Dream Haiku 2002 Jul 19
         a "the big L" haiku
Pick-Up Haiku #3 2002 Jul 19
Creepy Pick-Up Haiku 2002 Jul 19
Pick-Up Haiku #1 2002 Jul 19
         I'm entering a haiku contest...there are ten different categories. I chose "pick-up" and "the big L"...
Parking Lot Poem 2002 Jul 19
         I wrote this in my car this afternoon.
69 (by John Berryman) 2002 Jul 18
         a poem from 77 Dream Songs
Wednesday 2002 Jul 17
         this is my latest xanga entry
Will I Live Through 2002 Jul 16
Be Careful of The Crazy Woman 2002 Jul 16
         I'm more than slightly pissed off right now.
Oh, The Drama 2002 Jul 16
The damned (by John Ciardi) 2002 Jul 16
He'll Find You 2002 Jul 15
         an old poem
Going Back To Texas 2002 Jul 15
Dana (by Todd VanDerWerff) 2002 Jul 15
         a poem from the same anthology
Satisfaction of an Orange (by Benjamin D. Martin) 2002 Jul 15
         from You Hear Me? an anthology of the writings of teenage boys
Immature Sociopathic Unrequited Love Junkie 2002 Jul 15
Divorce Chats 2002 Jul 15
Ode To Gene Hackman 2002 Jul 15
A Love Letter To Myself 2002 Jul 15
         sorry, I had to correct this because there was more than one mistake!!!
I Want Some Power!!! 2002 Jul 14
Shell Shocked & Waterlogged 2002 Jul 14
A Love Letter To Myself 2002 Jul 13
         a good Blender friend of mine told me I should write a love letter to myself, so here it is
11:30 to 12:30, Friday Night 2002 Jul 13
Daisies 2002 Jul 12
         a story I wrote while "incarcerated" at Memorial Hospital
O SAY CAN YOU SEE 2002 Jul 11
         wrote this in '97
bloody knuckles 2002 Jul 11
         another old poem
my dream you 2002 Jul 11
         I wrote this one in '95
how it goes, how it is 2002 Jul 11
         I was on a roll in '97
Complex Cinderella 2002 Jul 11
         another old poem
Perception of a Luckless Bad Girl 2002 Jul 11
         an old poem
Twenty Questions 2002 Jul 11
A Tecate With Lime For Tony Santiago 2002 Jul 11
Green 2002 Jul 08
Therapy 2002 Jul 08
Passion Proof 2002 Jul 08
         I think I might have submitted this under a pseudonym awhile back...
JANE Sucks 2002 Jul 08
Subliminal 2002 Jul 08
         I gave an anti-pornography speech in college back in '97. What was I thinking???
Gummi Bears 2002 Jul 07
         another 55 Aliver (oops...that's an AARP reference)
Sympathy For the Outlaws 2002 Jul 07
         listening to "Hey, Joe" by Jimi Hendrix for the millionth time, approximately
Driving Down Montgomery Boulevard 2002 Jul 07
Tangled Up in Blue (by Bob Dylan) 2002 Jul 07
         my favorite Bob Dylan song...from "Blood on the Tracks"
Programmed But in a Pretty Way 2002 Jul 03
         an old poem...I've written hundreds of poems and this is my favorite.
unscrambled 2002 Jul 02
Inventory 2002 Jul 02
         the guy on "Rendezvous" last night was a trip and a half
eager overachiever 2002 Jul 02
         a poem I wrote in July of '99
unscrambled 2002 Jul 02
Fatter 2002 Jul 02
The Music Man (by John Bennett) 2002 Jul 02
         a poem from Whiplash on the Couch
Mollified 2002 Jun 27
Half a Zyprexa Away From Absolute BLiSS 2002 Jun 26
You Better You Bet (by The Who) 2002 Jun 25
         my current favorite classic rock song
Ten (if you're counting) 2002 Jun 25
         man oh man, I hope Courtney Love never finds this site (ha!)
Science Fiction 2002 Jun 24
         a robot and her creator
Picnic 2002 Jun 24
         55 word story...I just can't kick it
Dumping Someone is Hard To Do 2002 Jun 24
         one more before I board that Sleepy Town train (ha!)
Proof 2002 Jun 24
         55 word story inspired by "Vanilla Sky"
Downwardly Mobile 2002 Jun 22
         I just got the title from Chris...LOL
Tessie Goes Shopping For a Bra 2002 Jun 22
         55!!! woooohoooo!!!
Anathema 2002 Jun 22
         another 55 word story..."anathema" is the word for the day at My Yahoo
Protection 2002 Jun 22
         another 55 word short story
No Honey 2002 Jun 22
         written on the 19th
a shinier mess 2002 Jun 22
         I met a couple of schizophrenic people at Memorial...I was in awe of their brilliance.
Memorial Poem 2002 Jun 22
         my friends at Memorial asked me to write a poem
Skittles as Runes 2002 Jun 21
         another 55 word thingie...this is my newest addiction, in conjunction with Ritz S'Mores
Saint Anthony 2002 Jun 21
         a poem I wrote at Memorial Hospital
Sacrifice 2002 Jun 21
         bumpin' Jon :-)
One Last 2002 Jun 16
ending it 2002 Jun 15
         one last favorite (from way back)
follow the leader 2002 Jun 15
         old poem
Good Sport 2002 Jun 15
         poem from '99
the absolute zero 2002 Jun 15
         really old poem
Mother Goose (Truce!) 2002 Jun 15
         old poem
rat a tat 2002 Jun 15
         old poem
no text 2002 Jun 15
         old poem
What it Comes Down To 2002 Jun 15
         old poem
Sunday Afternoon in Wichita Falls, Texas 2002 Jun 15
         old poem
Done. 2002 Jun 15
         old poem
Update 2002 Jun 15
         old poem
Amanda (by Tom Robbins) 2002 Jun 15
         excerpt from Another Roadside Attraction
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 2002 Jun 15
         an old poem
Alive & Wandering 2002 Jun 15
         an old poem
back to the blues 2002 Jun 15
         an old poem
good things come (to those who wait) 2002 Jun 15
         an old poem
Bricks 2002 Jun 14
Friday Night Isolation 2002 Jun 14
Embudito Canyon 2002 Jun 14
Big Plans 2002 Jun 14
True Transcript 2002 Jun 14
         words that were recently spoken between a husband and wife...I don't have a stellar short -term memory but here's the gist of it all
Primer 2002 Jun 14
Pass the Salt 2002 Jun 13
Big Fat Uranus Transit 2002 Jun 13
         thanks, Elsa, for the translation/clarification!!!
Yucky Boy 2002 Jun 13
jeremiad 2002 Jun 13
         another old poem
eel 2002 Jun 13
         an old poem from '98
Barking (by Tom Robbins) 2002 Jun 12
         an excerpt from Still Life With Woodpecker
Seized 2002 Jun 12
Early Monday Morning 2002 Jun 10
Late Sunday Night 2002 Jun 10
Pages 117-118 (by Kurt Vonnegut) 2002 Jun 10
         an excerpt from Slaughterhouse-Five, a damn good book
Lady in Blue (by Ntozake Shange) 2002 Jun 09
         from For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf
Waiting for a Lover (by Sandra Cisneros) 2002 Jun 09
         a poem from Loose Woman
Aching to Go Back 2002 Jun 09
Knight Errant (by Henry Miller) 2002 Jun 09
         a passage from Nexus, the final novel in The Rosy Crucifixion
Humiliation 2002 Jun 09
This is What I Think You're Thinking 2002 Jun 09
         I could be wrong, but I'll give it the old college try.
So Much For Those Damn Petticoats 2002 Jun 09
         Mom tried.
Tree House Dream 2002 Jun 09
John 2002 Jun 09
Dil & Fergus (by Neil Jordan) 2002 Jun 08
         the last scene from "The Crying Game"
LMAO 2002 Jun 08
         not literally
You Have Got to Trash Those Scarlett O'Whoreuh Aspirations 2002 Jun 08
El Tiempo No Se Recobra 2002 Jun 07
Isadora & Josh (by Erica Jong) 2002 Jun 06
         an excerpt from How to Save Your Own Life
Seven Year Ache (by Rosanne Cash) 2002 Jun 06
         one of those rare songs I never get tired of singing along to
Looking Out Windows 2002 Jun 05
June 29th 2002 Jun 03
Blown 2002 Jun 03
First Ever Official Date 2002 Jun 03
         this is a confused, nonlinear, weak, addled poem
Ten Years of This (by Gary Stewart) 2002 Jun 03
         my favorite Gary Stewart song...his voice is choked with soul
I would love to extol 2002 Jun 01
Chase 2002 May 25
The Last Cheater's Waltz (by Sonny Throckmorton) 2002 May 23
         Divorce and std rates are highest in Bible Belt states according to a recent study. Trivia. Oh...this is one of C&W's better "cheatin'"songs...
How Many Licks 2002 May 23
Of Flesh and Blood 2002 May 23
80% off 2002 May 22
Listless 2002 May 16
His Letters 2002 May 16
         loosely based on a stupid, troubling book I can't put down
Hell Hath 2002 May 16
As it is Written 2002 May 08
         my latest xanga entry...what a load off (sigh)
Garbage 2002 May 05
Water 2002 Apr 30
Without a Horse 2002 Apr 30
Oh, Yum 2002 Apr 27
Swan Song 2002 Apr 27
         another rewrite
mermaid 2002 Apr 27
         rewrite of an old poem
Untitled (by James Douglas Morrison) 2002 Apr 27
         from his Paris journal
Moon in Libra (by Linda Goodman) 2002 Apr 27
         not only was Ms. Goodman the most kick ass astrologer I've ever read, she was also an incredible poet
A Bad Breakup 2002 Apr 27
         a poem I wrote in late '98
Cocktail Crucifixion 2002 Apr 27
I'll Love Me Enough For You 2002 Apr 24
A Note To All the Cynics 2002 Apr 24
Drupes 2002 Apr 22
Queen of Splat 2002 Apr 21
Apple-Eater 2002 Apr 21
         one more from those dizzy days
so much at stake 2002 Apr 21
         another one from the same time
dreamed desire 2002 Apr 21
         another one from the fall of 98
Us 2002 Apr 21
         a little poem I submitted in the fall of 98
Would (by Alice in Chains) 2002 Apr 21
         my favorite Alice in Chains memory of Layne Staley
Not Easily Filed 2002 Apr 21
St. Ides 2002 Apr 20
Winston to the Rescue (by Kate William) 2002 Apr 20
         an excerpt from Double Love, #1 in the Sweet Valley High series
Taos Isn't Lost 2002 Apr 20
She's a Porcupine 2002 Apr 20
The Path I Picked 2002 Apr 18
         Liz Phair can eat my shorts! This poem is brought to you by the letter "P"!
A New Song for Snow White 2002 Apr 16
         bumpin' Gala :-)
Scenes 31 thru 32 2002 Apr 11
Scenes 28 thru 30 2002 Apr 11
         I hope it works this time. I've been trying to submit these scenes for the past five minutes.
Scenes 28 thru 30 2002 Apr 11
Scene 27 2002 Apr 10
Scene 26 2002 Apr 10
Scene 25 2002 Apr 10
         I watch "Jackie Brown" and "The Big Kahuna" and feel like giving up the ghost. But I can't.
Scene 24 2002 Apr 10
         This is brave of me, submitting this after the comment I just made on the Board regarding Lynch!
The Achingly Beautiful Mythology of Jessica & Elizabeth Wakefield 2002 Apr 09
         !!@@###$$$ (revised) (sorry!!!)
Some Will Argue 2002 Apr 09
His Passions Included 2002 Apr 02
         strike's too early in the damn morning! here's the revision!
Scene 23 2002 Mar 29
         I wrote this months ago. It's the 23rd scene of "Marching."
Anorexic Ecstasy 2002 Mar 27
Starter Marriages 2002 Mar 20
         sparked by an article/review I read in the latest People
Lovely Presentation 2002 Mar 18
         here's my attempt at the recipe challenge
Certainty 2002 Mar 17
         mocking people who are certain about everything...maybe because I envy them
Two Crazy Kids at Kidwell Elementary 2002 Mar 16
         for Wendy with much love
On the Inside (by Wendy Patterson) 2002 Mar 16
         a poem my cousin mailed me from prison...she wrote it sometime last year
Ohfeelya 2002 Mar 13
         a poem of praise and intense admiration, bordering on obsession
Post Dream Dialogue 2002 Mar 12
More Meat Market 2002 Mar 10
         I started this novel years's about a bisexual strip joint in West Texas. There are women and men strippers. It's horrible but it makes me laugh. If crude language offends you, don't read this.
broken rainbow 2002 Mar 10
         another old poem...this one is my favorite
Pledge 2002 Mar 09
         love that lemony scent (this is a new poem)
inamorata 2002 Mar 09
         one last old poem
Lying Red 2002 Mar 09
         for the description I wrote "He gave me the title"...another one from late '98
ending it 2002 Mar 09
         another one from late '98...with a slight revision
Taste Test 2002 Mar 09
         another old poem...this one is from late '98
Delicious, Deliberate Ouch 2002 Mar 09
         a poem I submitted back in '97
All These Ouches 2002 Mar 07
         a bump to Jon's latest
Acoustic #3 (by Goo Goo Dolls) 2002 Feb 25
         Just got an e-mail from my sister...she asked me to submit this song for her. It's her favorite. Autumn, you need to get an account and start submitting stuff!
Everybody Have Fun Tonight (by Wang Chung/Peter Wolf) 2002 Feb 24
         if anyone knows what "wang chung" means...please fill me in! I hate this song but I have it stuck in my head and the lyrics have an existential edge appropriate for this forum.
Song 2 (by Blur) 2002 Feb 24
         my favorite Blur song...a close second is "Sing" (sublime!!! from the "Trainspotting" sndtrk)
Rusty+Andrea=Eternal Luv 2002 Feb 24
         read the latest People and it piSSed me here's this before I start my daily packing
A Dork Decides 2002 Feb 18
Astrology & Dreams & Self-Analysis 2002 Feb 18
         something short before I shower
Taboo (by Bert Glick) 2002 Feb 15
         a poem from Cookie Aura, published in 1977
Not in the Cards 2002 Feb 15
         a Dear Adam letter inspired by the latest writer's challenge
Lone Star Lament 2002 Feb 15
         she's leavin' home...
Well-Fed 2002 Feb 03
You Could at Least Wave in My Direction (by yumyumyum) 2002 Jan 24
         coincidentally, this is also the title of a painting I painted last night of Saturn with three tiny yellow fish underneath and a white blood splotched telephone with a long curly blue cord that turns into an ocean wave
Andy's Chest (by Lou Reed) 2002 Jan 24
         my new favorite song from "Transformer" (my new favorite cd)
You're Here, You're In 2002 Jan 23
         scene 22
Vito 2002 Jan 22
         new scenes for "Marching"
Meow 2002 Jan 19
         scene 18 of "Marching"
Orange M&M Delusion (a confessional) 2002 Jan 19
         i took my own challenge...Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" is truly great, I don't care what the critics say
Scene 17 2002 Jan 17
         introducing two new characters
Finger Lickin' 2002 Jan 16
         newest scene for my newest screenplay
Psychic Lipstick of Luv 2002 Jan 15
         scenes 9-15 of "Marching"
Introducing Marie 2002 Jan 15
         Scenes 1-8 of "Marching," a screenplay
Waste 2002 Jan 10
         for Courtney
Folk Etymology 2002 Jan 04
         corrected (Chris:"What's 'until furter notice'?")
Matt Hale 2002 Jan 04
I'm Never Gonna Write Another Poem 'Cause Penny Arcade Kicks My Puny Ass 2002 Jan 04
         Penny Arcade is my newest favoritest poet.
Robotic Happenings 2002 Jan 03
No Myth (by Michael Penn) 2002 Jan 03
         I just re-discovered this song after viewing "Loser," a video I bought dirt cheap in New York last week.
Nic Knows 2002 Jan 01
         my fictional, facetious take on what really went down between Cruise and Kidman (i think Penelope Cruz is the real reason, but Tom ain't man enuf to admit that)
Where's Dick? 2002 Jan 01
         my first poem of 2002! wooooohoooo! I couldn't find Dick Clark tonight...
Cords 2001 Dec 31
         I said I wouldn't write any more poems until I read all my new books. I lied.
Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind (by Sanger D. Shafer/Darlene Shafer) 2001 Dec 17
         my favorite George Strait song...long live Billy Bob's and Riscky's BBQ
The Utterly Pretentious and Ridiculous But Heartfelt eBuLLieNce Manifesto 2001 Dec 15
         inspired by the SCUM manifesto/"I Shot Andy Warhol"/writer's challenge/Friday night in Nederland, Texas
Dewy 2001 Dec 13
         inspired by a photo of a flower at
10 of Cups 2001 Dec 13
         inspired by the Epiphany Challenge posted by Gala at the Respite
"99 Luft Balloons" (by Nena) 2001 Dec 12
         this song kicks ass
Don't Dream It's Over (by Neil Finn) 2001 Dec 12
         a favorite '80s song (Crowded House)
First Crush 2001 Dec 11
         a haiku (inspired by "King Matthew")
The Romance of Religion 2001 Dec 11
Blue Angel (by Squirrel Nut Zippers) 2001 Dec 09
         for One Nut inspire mad love, baby, mad love (wink wink nudge nudge)
Hug Me 2001 Dec 06
         had a really bad experience at work...wrote this last night
Rock-N-Bowl 2001 Dec 05
         thanks, elaina (for the inspiration)
Jazz Gumbo 2001 Dec 05
         regional affectation
Escape Via a Successful Chain Restaurant 2001 Dec 04
         finally took my own challenge
Transcends Glowing 2001 Nov 27
         I don't like what I just submitted. I'm trying again.
Love in the City of Austin, Texas 2001 Nov 27
         inspired by Deevaa's painting...written in approximately four minutes!
Love Hangover #9 2001 Nov 26
         short story I posted at xanga last better with images, but here it is
"Pepper" (by Butthole Surfers) 2001 Nov 25
         my favorite song on my newest '90s compilation cd
"The Rain" (by Oran "Juice" Jones) 2001 Nov 25
         I love this song. It cracks me up. "Trix are for kids." Ha!
Let Us Gather and Be Grateful 2001 Nov 25
         the scene challenge from
Looney Tunes Cartoons Don't Make Me Laugh 2001 Nov 24
         I made myself a challenge. I took it.
Instant Haiku #22 2001 Nov 20
         recently inspired (aaaaahhhhh)
A Feel-Good Glimpse into the Future 2001 Nov 17
         latest writer's challenge!!!
Heather's Dilemma 2001 Nov 16
         Girl or boy asks girl or boy to Homecoming dance, but person asked is already going with someone else, but would rather go with this person. (scene challenge, courtesy of projectgreenlight)
The Letter She Wanted to Send 2001 Nov 15
Daunting Duo 2001 Nov 15
         Joan Baez and Bob Dylan/writer's challenge a day early
Cursed Day 2001 Nov 15
         yesterday was Jupiter blessed, today is Mars ravaged
Accessorize 2001 Nov 11
         corrected (I just woke up...I do apologize)
Lisp 2001 Nov 09
         my weak attempt at the latest writer's challenge
A Song With a Catchy Chorus 2001 Nov 08
         a "song" from my latest xanga album
Don't Let the Fuschia Confuse Ya 2001 Nov 03
         a tribute to Jackson Pollock and Ed Harris
Beguiling By Age 12 2001 Nov 02
Another Song 2001 Oct 30
I Normally Wouldn't Do This Kind of Thing (by Tennant/Lowe) 2001 Oct 29
         my newest favorite Pet Shop Boys song, from "Very"
Foredoom 2001 Oct 27
Peeking 2001 Oct 27
         another xanga blog without the cool images
Always Pick the Trick (Don't Eat the Treat) 2001 Oct 27
         a xanga blog, sans the cool images
That Special Surge 2001 Oct 26
         culled from the latest writer's challenge
Hullabaloo Caneck Caneck! 2001 Oct 21
         it was going to be something else but it turned into this
Merle 2001 Oct 19
Croix de guerre 2001 Oct 13
         another attempt at the same writer's challenge...written at work this afternoon
My Friday Fix 2001 Oct 12
         Thought I'd turn the latest writer's challenge into a poem for a change.
Inartificial Incantation 2001 Oct 12
Slow Night 2001 Oct 06
         corrected! sorry, I should've checked...
Tuesday 2001 Oct 03
Summed Up 2001 Oct 02
J-E-L-L-Y 2001 Sep 30
         a longish short story...
Grandma Has Nothing to Do With Romance 2001 Sep 28
         grandma has nothing to do with romance
O Brave New World (by Aldous Huxley) 2001 Sep 28
         an excerpt from *Brave New World* (a much more satisfying read than *1984*)
Tasteless 2001 Sep 27
Low (by REM) 2001 Sep 27
         another good song
Oh, Bother! 2001 Sep 26
*~*~Fall Fever~*~* 2001 Sep 25
Chocolate Ground 2001 Sep 24
         (instead of "Vanilla Sky") (Tom Cruise sucks) (so does Penelope Cruz)
Swampy 2001 Sep 24
DoMeSTiC BLiSS 2001 Sep 24
Literally Lyrically Luckily in Love 2001 Sep 19
         a sequel, of sorts, to the Mildred story
Mildred is Moving to Where?!! 2001 Sep 17
         love happens to us all...even those of us who have seen it all...take Mildred, for instance.
MeSSeS 2001 Sep 17
         I initiated a writer's challenge on Friday. Here's my effort.
Dumped 2001 Sep 14
         another Sunday creation
A Sip of Cream 2001 Sep 14
         something I wrote on Sunday
Red 2001 Sep 14
Biochemists Agree the Light Was Gaseous 2001 Sep 10
Belladonna With Sugar on Top 2001 Sep 08
         I'm a jealous girl...
Pinata 2001 Sep 02
         I got drunk last night. This doesn't usually happen.
Sucked Out (by John Davis) 2001 Sep 01
         one of my all-time favorite songs
Parasol 2001 Aug 29
That Sunscreen Sheen 2001 Aug 19
Shot Down 2001 Aug 18
         latest writer's challenge from projectgreenlight
BLiPs on the ScrEEn (by Misti Lake) 2001 Aug 11
         a short story
Eskimo Pie Commercial (by Misti Lake) 2001 Aug 07
         an idea/dream that danced in my head early this a.m.
The Acute Absence of Heartache (by Misti Lake) 2001 Aug 06
         a story I wrote last week and posted at xanga
Tangerine (by Misti Lake) 2001 Aug 03
         new writer's challenge from
Clarification (by Misti Lake) 2001 Aug 01
         clarification is a grocery receipt
For Frances Farmer and Most Everybody Else (by Misti Lake) 2001 Aug 01
         a poem I thought up and posted at my blog last night
$$$VeGaS$$$ (by Misti Lake) 2001 Jul 31
         Just got home from Las Vegas, Nevada.
Why Paul??? (by Misti Lake) 2001 Jul 22
         today's xanga blog
Guru Knows Best (by Misti Lake) 2001 Jul 22
         another old blog from xanga
An Old Blog (by Misti Lake) 2001 Jul 22
         Stars and stripes and beer.
Without the Schizophrenia I'd Be Invisible (by Misti Lake) 2001 Jul 20
         Just took the newest Writer's Challenge at Voila.

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