By B.K.
Date: 2003 Feb 06
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Afternoon Soup and Tea With Me

I have a fever
Been sucking down
Homemade garlic chicken soup
Complete with a whole bulb
Of fat juicy garlic
I know I am delirious
But..I think I could
Take Saddam down
With one g-bomb breath
I am on my fourth cup of
Honeyed lemon tea
I still could sleep
And in my dreams..Darlin
You are here with me
Making me crazy
Yet now it’s my turn
To turn you on and keep you
At a fingers distance
Of making every word
I have written come true
Do you know
How crazy you have made me
What I want to do to you
I want to lick
All the frosting off you first
Then take my teeth and tongue
Slowly nibble and suck
Every delectable part of you
But then I’m delirious
This is but a dream
So now which would you prefer
Tea and garlic soup or me
(Well then pass the Altoids please)