By Echolocation
Date: 2003 Mar 02
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Schrodinger's Heart

Don't ask the question and
You can pretend the answer is
Whatever you want it to be.
Any one of an infinite number of
Quantum futures
All equally true
(or all equally false)
all at the same time

Don't ask the question.
Choose from the countless tomorrows
the one that pleases you.
Close your eyes, concentrate,
make believe it's real.
(If that doesn't work maybe you
can pretend yourself into a universe
where the question never existed.)

Don't ask the question.
Hold tight whatever answer comforts you.
It's so easy to linger there,
in the darkness between
the possible futures,
quiet and calm and no sharp edges.
(But it's so cold there in the dark...
can a warm heart beat in absolute zero?)

Most of all,
don't ask the question
because if you don't like the answer
you can't bring a dead cat
back to life

Don't ask the question...
Don't you love me any more?