By B.K.
Date: 2003 May 11
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Happy Mothers Day Mom

Well Mom,
Every time I start to write
To you or about you
I just well up and cry
And since you always
Read your cards out loud
I decided to save us
All the flood of tears
(especially mine).
So I'll let everyone think
I'm a nincompoop as usual
And we will all get
A good laugh from the word.
We have been around a few blocks
Together you and I and
I just want to tell you
I think you are pretty wonderful
Despite our differences.
I know you always think
I'm Daddy's girl
And that is a hard one to beat
Actually, it's a toss up
I love you tooooo Momz !
And I know you love me
Cause you would have
Swatted me a long time ago
If you hadn't

Now look very hard at Sister
When you read this part.
I Love Mom Better Than You Do.

Happy Mothers Day!

Your B.K.