By B.K.
Date: 2003 Jun 03
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To Blender Hell (Cheers!)

Tonight I lit a candle
Prayed to blender god that glows
Please Big Kahuney (that'southern for Kahuna)
Make them let our people go
We are tired of the persecution
Who the heck let these turkeys loosen?
From the kids that need their hineys waxed
(Teej has the recipe for shiney hiney wax)Please fax
Samuel that's rude to the core
He rattles on he's such a bore
(Squirrel= rat with a big tail)
I prayed for all's ability to spell
And to purify my rebel yell
Teach these kids not to jerk adult chains
Please give them knowledge
Do not leave them dim lit half-brains
Please let the writing not be boring
God it takes a lot of ignoring
Pray this is the end of this slimy tale
Give me patience of Jobes killer whale
Put them weenie whiners in ignore JAIL
(That's blenders best mean and perfect HELL)

bk  (THE END)