By Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Submitted by B.K.
Date: 2003 Jun 14
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White Horse

Put the wine back in the bottle
Before the crystal glass is broken
The party is over
A new party has taken over
A new breed of men
as Henry Miller said
long time ago
A breed of barbarians
who didn't come through the gates
but grew up inside
They've made the White House
into a White Horse
their Trojan Horse
full of civilian soldiers
with weapons of crass destruction
which is a new name for their brains
or what might be diagnosed as
their pathological personalities
These masterminds
of the twenty-first century
and their Project for the New Century

And I heard the Learned Astronomer
tell the tale of the stars
in which the constellations conspired
to kill us all
out of pure hubris
and Territorial Imperative
since we were opposing
their total domination of the universe
And they hired these earthlings
In a White Horse
to do it for them!


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