By B.K.
Date: 2003 Jun 16
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Jellybean Zooms

Breathe deep tenderly sigh
Here we are staring eye to eye
Our fingers touch an instant high
I’m thinking this is perfect
It must be time to die
I’m looking around
It’s no angelic sing
Just a cool sexy fire and earth thing
I take my time cross my thighs
Thinking now just where do I cross the line
I’m blushing pink I take a drink
Of hot summer air with a little whine
And then this funny hare pops out your nose
That’s when I think I’ll bite your toe
And park this scene in surrealistic dreams
And zoom back in on sensual sincerest
Tongue and groove realist
Simple surrendering kissing scenery
But don’t ya know jellybeans
Goodness only wants to know tender things
(She’s so obscene)