By B.K.
Date: 2003 Aug 26
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Let Her Eat Cake

It is too hot to walk
It's too hot to talk
It is too hot to eat any meat
It is veggies and fruit
Plenty of ginseng tea
Lots of water and vitamins
All for me
But baby today my heart
Did partake when it found
A drizzled chocolate piece
Of chocolate pound cake
Found at voodoo mama's
Soul food kitchenery
Almost got it down my gizzard
When a fast flying lizard
Reached out and
Bit the fire right outta me
It musta been the conscience
Of the teeny tiny body I once
Upon a time had been
When bikinis and hip huggers
And midriff tops were the girl
You would see in them  
No It is not that I am fat
I would not go splat
Cause there is not enough flab
Like that hanging on me
It's just sometimes Baby
A little chocolate cake
To comfort the ache
That seethes and breathes
The blues of missing you
A few bites of chocolate cake
Then chuck the rest away
With no belly ache
And back to my health kick again