By B.K.
Date: 2003 Sep 29
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October North Pole Snow

I spoke to a man at the North Pole today.
I asked him if he was Santa Clause.
He laughed and said no
But Santa lived right down the street  
That must be convenient for your kids, I said
I asked him if he would give Santa a message from me
You know get an early letter to Santa ahead of the masses.
He said sure. So here is what I sent
North Pole neighborly special delivery.

Dear Santa,
    I do not really need much this year, A little world peace maybe. The French and Germans to respect us again, along with the rest of the world. Howard Dean and Wesley Clark to run together so we could be certain to get rid of the bushwhacker (sorry had to put that in) Yeah I know I'm asking too much of an old guy in a red velvet suit. Shooting up and down chimneys is more than enough.
Ok so I will make it easy.  Santa, what My Darlin does is important to us good people of earth. He is a mighty fine man. Just fill his stockings with my tender kisses and leave him a cup of passion tea. Tell him I love him and ASAP shoot him through the hoops straight here to me.

I have always loved you Santa

That man at the North Pole wrote it all down
He said Santa said thanks,
That he would set the elves
Right to work on that expediently.

I said Thanks Santa. Now I'll get your insurance adjusted immediately.