By B.K.
Date: 2003 Dec 25
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Classic Romantic Jump

I've always been
This classic movie romantic
The one standing on the edge
Of the moors highest cliff
Looking off into the fog
When I get too close to the edge
Falling into the abyss
An angel (even more romantic than I)
Always scoops me up
And reads me the riot act
With some scrappy line about
If God had meant me to fly like this
He would have put a jet engine
Between my cheeks (smart ass angel)
The kind I would believe in
This time I don't need flying lessons
Or butterfly wings (except in verse)
I'm grounded in this feeling
My heart solidly knows
The textures and the sounds
This feeling of love abounds
In be here now
Let forever have its way
But what the heck hey
What can I say
I love you more than anything today
And you could make a solid bet
It's going to pretty much stay that way
No matter how long
I have to keep floating on this cloud
Or what that kick ass angel has to say