By B.K.
Date: 2004 Jan 06
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You Big Yo Yo

Yo moon Yo light
Yo Yo my Darlin
Some love tonight
Yo me Shakespeare sonnets
With brilliant love lines
Yo your light
So tight so right
Into a pale moon lovers trance
With Yo Yo Ma for ambiance
Yo the bow
Yo the glow
Yo a tune that we both know
Yo the glance
Yo the dance
Yo Yo these moves of tenderness
Then when it's time for you to go
When the morning sun is peeking
We'll wave and kiss and just say Yo
You know we'll soon again be seeking
The big round moon so full so fine
See you next month we'll count the time
You bring the glow
We'll bring the wine
We love you (you know) you big Yo Yo