By B.K.
Date: 2004 Jan 12
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More Than You'll Ever Know

Date: 11 December 2000

Man of My Heart

Today I cried when I realized
For the very first time
How much I need you
I've been good at holding back
Keeping you at arms length
Telling myself this one's dangerous
Don't let it happen
It will only break your heart
But I find you getting closer
Invading my chamber space
Taking my mind with greater frequency
To that place where you and I go
Wanting your arms and words
Finding I need you more than I care to admit
To anyone in daylight or darkness
Am I just feeling vulnerable
We both need to be strong
We've have a lot to deal with
The time apart only deepens
Our moments together
With greater love and understanding
So I'll sing it softly hoping you won't hear
Man of my heart I need you so
More than you'll ever know