By B.K.
Date: 2004 Mar 04
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Beyond the Blue and Baby It's You

Date: 26 March 2001

Baby It's You

Slowly tenderly
Your hands pull me
Into the strength of your arms
Kissing my neck from behind with
Soft wet kisses moving downward
So slowly you take my breath
With the touch and taste of this love
This burning desire that never stops
Baby it's you I want
Come to me
Show me the chemical equations
Teach me the elements of ecstasy


Date: 17 March 2001

Beyond the Blue

You come to me in dreams
Slowly tracing my skin
With your fingertips
Feeling me quiver as our mouths
Lap the sweetness of tongue
Fire from this ecstasy burns
As we explore territory uncharted
This passion voyaging
Into a blue horizon of tantric bliss
Were eternal love wraps
As earth with sky forever