By Untamed Bird
Submitted by B.K.
Date: 2004 Mar 10
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This Birds Shoes

You'll never get through my door
With your one hundred dollar smiles
Until you know the scenery
And I detect your style
You'll be dancing on the ground
Merely stealing a kiss or two
Till I know your manners
What makes you come unglued
What you're like when you're angry
What you look like when you're glad
What in life makes you happiest
How never to make you mad
What will make your eyes twinkle
What turns your face beet red
Will it be something that I've done
Or something silly that I've said
You think you have a wild woman here,
Hmm maybe here's a clue
You're never going to find out
Till you can walk in this Birds shoes

28 April 2001