By B.K.
Date: 2004 May 28
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A Complicated Moon

Orchid Lei
With lavender trim and a wide sashay
Clouds hung low
A wine photograph floating nice and slow
Big mountain breeze
Seaweed sushi pictures pleeze
Clear blue green sea
Seizes Loveland so easily
Beach sand blitz
Crab crawls up my nose come give me a kiss
Sea foam glide
The color of jade between my eyes
X marks the spot
Turn on the night while it’s still hot
Nothings changed
Only the power of love rearranged
In the middle of bliss
I'm never lonely I just need to be kissed
Fill me with ease
It's where you belong sky hooked to me
Such a lovely snap
With a complicated moon and navigation map
We'll rewrite loves history
As rich ecstasy high beam reality