By B.K.
Date: 2004 Jun 10
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Saving Grace

It was a warm summer night
An incredible treat
For a mom with a toddler
A get out of jail card free
Long enough
For dinner and concert
At a small club
A new entrepreneur
Direct from Kentucky coal mine
Fast freedom money
Looking for adventure
Opens a small club
Called it "The Godfather"
This night was dinner
And a band with a man
Named Ray Charles
A magic night
Though I don't remember
The food or the conversation
So long gone and forgotten
But oh how I remember the music
How the man with the band
Swayed and sang
Georgia On My Mind
The room floated on air
The music reverberating
Heart to heart to heart
One member of the band
Sitting so close to our table
Fell out into the floor
While the band played on
Never missing a beat
While he got up
Brushed off his tuxedo
And began again
Ray Charles never seeing
Oh but he knew
I understand
He was tough on his band
This great legend of a man
Will forever live in my memory
His death today
More powerful than any
Actor President that when asked
About saving the redwood forests
Said Well when you've seen
One tree you have seen them all
Mr Charles Thank You so much
You will be sorely missed
You were the saving grace
In a young mothers life
I was a very lucky woman
To be sitting there that night
Your legend and your music
Will forever live
A bright gem and shining star
That will always lead to you