By Carl Asch (Empty Hats,
Submitted by Echolocation
Date: 2004 Jun 14
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If It's a Rose

One eve as I was walking
I chanced by a strange old man
He was planting in his garden,
there was soil upon his hands

Slowly he did approach me
his eyes revealed the moon
and he said with a voice of earth and root:
"If it's a rose then it will bloom."

Somehow he'd sensed my troubles that lived
like vipers inside my breast
I feared my new love might leave me,
this ache would not let me rest

He said, "Your heart is so filled with you
that for love, there isn't much room.
Just take care and tend the seedlings:
If it's a rose then it will bloom."

...if it's a rose then it will bloom...

Ye need not push a river
it flows fine on its own
Ye need not seek out a lost love
if it's real, it'll find its way home

Ye need not fear the wind and rain
the sun will always come pierce the gloom
and as I turned to leave he said once more:
"If it's a rose then it will bloom."