By My Favorite Smart Attack
Submitted by B.K.
Date: 2004 Jul 02
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Love Bytes

The passionate sparrings of Loveblender's McNabb (sushi) and B.K. are an essential part of male and female communications. We probably already know the outcome of whether these two will be further interested in each other beyond these forum exchanges. However, these sparrings are just as romance related as compliments and sweet murmurrings.

We also use our feelings about politics and religion as a basis for picking appropriate romance and love partners. Modern men and women are also passionate about intelligence and exciting the mind as much as the body today. After all the worldly joys and expensive toys, we've finally come back to paying attention to each other.

What is good to see here, is how men and women ARE able to communicate rather than men just telling women they are silly fluff, and women telling men they are brutish; then ignoring each other. Neither backs down with McNabb and B.K. because they are secure in their feelings. Well, at least most of the feelings, since there is still a little flipflopping on either side of the sheet on: party affiliations, President and Office of the President points, and what God seems to love best. No matter how they argue, joke, insult and sometimes even agree, they communicate.

Something to think about in relationships, politics and religion, or this webforum: No matter who captains a ship, it still takes a crew to sail her. Every able-body crewman on that ship should be capable of some leadership in the event that any of the others are disabled. Even the Titantic went down from failures in more than just one area. Large arguments can cause a huge gash in a relationship, and omission in ignoring rust and beliefs can nibble away at the strongest of hulls and relationships.

What we should think about is not just single, one person takes all, King of the Hill leadership but a balance of power so that everyone in government is capable of strong and fair dealings with leadership in our country and this world. We also need that in relationships with men and women so that each man and woman is capable of keeping a relationship together...even raising kids who can do the same.

My Captain says that 'without passion there is no life," and I agree. They are passionate, but there are no bullets flying between McNabb and B.K. since both understand the art of formal and informal civilized debate. I don't think I've read of any leaders who haven't resorted, at one time or another, to passionate name-calling in the heat of debate.

McNabb and B.K. often footnote, reference and challenge the very things that will influence what laws and conditions we will live and love under today and tomorrow. Every reader on the comments board is forced to think (or ignore) as we watch two very passionate folks lock-n-load their keyboards and spitfire. They may get so worked up they froth at the mouth, but they must read and understand what they read to debate, and they don't bleed in these exchanges.

On the other hand: War is a dysfunctional result of lack in communications between out of balance leaderships. No matter who is right or wrong, populations on either side suffer physically, emotionally, economically, historically and more--they bleed. A dead man, a culture, a society ceases to communicate when his/their political agenda, religious beliefs and those who love them are gone. When each is gone, someone else is allowed to write his/their history. We have today to speak out and possibly endure.

Every forum becomes a major or minor means of helping humanity strive to understand each other better. Some forums might help prevent the ultimate misunderstandings that result in war. It is a shame, but a reality, that war exists in the offensive and defensive almost as a spectator sport to those not directly suffering bodily harm. Still, wars have become the means of also suppressing greater harm. Some forums might help in healing after wars and conflicts. One thing is certain with the majority of Americans today: most are not into the "I don't know, and I don't care" attitude now about what goes on around them further than their own front doors. We have moved from the "Me Generation" to something critically important with human interactions.

Civilized men often reached out and looked to the ancient philosophers and leaders who granted us better words to use and remember in getting along. A citizen, once beaten, asked a simple "Can't we all just get along?" Modern man has been saturated with so many sources of truth and fiction that it seems to take some shock value from movies like those from Michael Moore in words, visuals and actions to impress and arouse passion from some people today. In America, we are all still graced with the ability and right to view the recently discussed comments board items of Michael Moore's or Mel Gibson's movies if we care to pay the price of admission--or not. We have the privilege to live in a country where we can also cuss and discuss most anyone and anything civilly in the proper forum. Our ancestors fought for our liberties. However, Freedom of Speech doesn't apply to personal websites unless allowed.

We should be glad for the many forums where we are allowed to express our opinions today. We can personally respond to others who disagree with us. Be thankful that even when we disagree with someone, we are still allowed to voice that disagreement without a ruler forcing us to fight lions, drink hemlock, leveling our homes and villages, sending us to ovens or locking us away to be forgotten by the rest of the world.

We may or may not agree with this Moore movie and its maker, but we are questioning what the truth might be from all directions. We'll cast a jaundiced eye toward other media reporting, advertising and other film efforts that challenge our thinking. What is it that we are not informed about that has gone on in this world? Without the horror of the World Trade Center carnage, what did we think about in what went on beyond our shores prior to 9-11? What we have learned from reading history (which is constantly rewritten) is that we may never know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to satisfy each and ever person. Like the majority of you at Blender meaning no harm to others, all I can do is just keep reading to try and sort the marbles from the tacks.

Interaction between men and women is highly important for real relationships to come about. Politics and religion are two very important areas of passionate feelings. Either one of these in disagreement with a couple can wreck a relationship, or the chance for a relationship.

Certainly, I am bothered about dysfunctional behavior online; but a healthy exchange, well referenced, doesn't bother me as I can choose to read or ignore. In reading Loveblender Kirk's , I think he also enjoys opinions as a healthy part of friendships and relationships. It's his website. He may, or may not, desire to let this website evolve even further than it has already over the years. No matter what gets stirred-up on Loveblender's comments board, the place remains vital and passionate enough to feel real people exist daily on Loveblender's website to make it worthy reading on a regular basis.

Leadership is no easy task. Opinions can be ignored, help or drive a leader to decisions and actions. I only chime in with negatives when I see something here in highly dysfunctional behavior I also wouldn't tolerate in person. I also enjoy praising the positives in subs and comments. My opinion only, since I am not into control, and my opinion's only worth what the reader cares to intrepret out of it. Rather than anger some Loveblender readers, I won't use Blender subs or comments space for this opinion; and it's only available to those who care to click-on this link.

Blender is an extended online community family that has sparred, cussed and discussed opinions since its birth. The same cussing and discussing opinions can be said for our country. It's a young country, compared to many of the other nations we deal with today. We may have wonderful innovative ideas and make foolish mistakes. Unless we make a really grave mistake, the world should keep on spinning. Each day it spins, we have the ability to do something worthwhile.

Thank goodness for balance and the passion to keep lives working toward positives. Even as the comments and barbs have stirred some intense emotions from me, I want to thank McNabb and B.K. for pushing me to feel these emotions. Both of you are highly intelligent folks with very different styles. You are worthwhile in reading for one who never tires of trying to understand about the new wrinkles and ravages of mankind. Stirred-up, communicating, and invigorated, I am a far more passionate partner in my own love and romance relationship.

May we all find decent ways to cope and co-exist. May we all attempt to communicate and understand each other, and nurture this earth together for true healing and happiness. May we give each person the right to be heard, and even attempt to understand how and why each sees something the way he or she does. May we each be appreciated somewhere. May you find the true love of your life and the ability to find real peace with each other. May the circle of your friendships increase until it encompasses all of mankind in some not so distant future ..... Rennie

(c) 2004 Rennie Lorca