By B.K.
Date: 2004 Jul 26
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Tough Love Tough Times

          "At stake is nothing less than our nations soul."
                         Jimmy Carter
While we connect the dots
To this love fusion
Light the fuse  
Invite the muse in
In seams of dreams
We sip the sweet of skin
Our lips cemented
To this cup of love
We are both too stubborn
To ever give up
We know there is more
To this well of passion
Than has ever been drawn
And so my beloved
As I turn down the cover
Showing the world two lovers
In words and rhyme
They soar above it all spit shined
Through war and deprivation
Silent tears and raw lovemaking
Surrendering to love
So easily my Darlin
Through these not so silent nights
And politically the toughest of times