By B.K.
Date: 2004 Aug 09
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If You Were King Kong and I Were Faye Wray

If you were King Kong, and I was Fay Wray,
I'd say, but King K. Baby,
you're wrecking my new hairdo,
and you big ape, you broke a nail.
Don't you think we can handle this without brute force?
I mean, look what you did to this dress.
You need to be gentle,
and that breath of yours,
maybe they make two-ton Altoids.
Oh King K. Baby,
Let me go,
you squeezed me so hard, I gotta go potty.
When I come back, we'll talk.
about that haircut of yours,
you need a new hairdresser.
Kiss me before I go.

Date: 1 April 2001