By B.K.
Date: 2004 Aug 13
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Just For You

I want to be your
Hand made lace
Classy elegant
And refined
But then again
I want to be
Your blue jean babe
Hip hugger bubble blower
Finger snapping lip sassing
Naked toe tapping momma
Then of course
I want to be your
All American  girl
Set your heart a-twirl
In shape lifting weights
In the gym nice and slim
Right hook in the kisser
(Oops I mean the punching bag)
Abb lady kick box crazy
Does it sound like a zoo
Ok then I'll be your
Sensual soft
White cloud to sink into
(I'll always be that  for you )
But I wanna be your tigress too
Drag home the meat rare
Just  to  cook up and share with you
Guess I'm part all of these
And as an american woman
(hear me roar)
I can pick any day
And be any way....I please