By B.K.
Date: 2004 Sep 15
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War In A Bottle

Lately words fail me
While life and love
Sky jump the desert
Raw and emotionally drained
From daily reground hash
I keep waiting
For my feet to reach
The bottom of the barrel
But some monkey
Keeps pushing me back up
Makes me float on my back
Pinching and tickling me
Saying Smile
Laugh Damn it
I've lost my sense of humor
That lightness of being
The more I learn
Of this world
The sadder it becomes
Have I been going
Through this life with blinders
To suddenly wake up
To see the naked bumblers
These times are tougher
Than we've known
Since Vietnam
Here we go again
I'll stop
I need a breeze to soothe me
With an ocean surf
To wash my tired feet
I'm exhausted Baby
And with what you do
I don't know how
You get through it
I'm so overwhelmed
With the emotions
I've bottled up
That when I get to the gulf
I'm pitching them all in
All the frustration and anger
With the hair trigger grin
Starting fresh
I love you my Darlin
It's the way it is
It's the way it has always been