By B.K.
Date: 2004 Nov 24
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She's Got Eggs (& Legs) And She Knows How To Use Them

Honey grahams and butter
Sugar for my sugar
Two and one half
Pounds of cream cheese
Seven fresh eggs
With lemon squeezed
The sour cream is a breeze
Cheesecake begs for it's stage
While I throw you kisses
In between the scenes
Cranberries popping
Celery apples oranges
There is no stopping
The chopping pecans process
(Time for another glass of wine)
The turkeys coming out of the oven
Just in the nick of time
Fresh asparagus divinely sauced
A Julia Child buttered bossy blitz
Here's to tradition
And here's to another French kiss
Hum On second thought
Let's forget the holiday fritz
Stay home alone
With some sweet afternoon bliss
Have a little more wine
Seasoned with another buttered kiss