By B.K.
Date: 2004 Nov 29
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"Power Point Passion and Voo Doo Love Simplified"

Adjusting the pillows
And pulling back
That fallen lock of hair
Settling in
To expand the mind view
Sometimes words cannot do
Justice to the magic
Or raw passion the cosmos
Has in store for two
The thrill of love
Leaves the memory
Branded more please
As on that full moonlit night
The universe opened
Swallowing us both
Into it’s dark deep
Delicious love soul
Where it ahhhhed
And it Ooohed
Shook us both to it’s quick
Pink imaginative folds
Then spit us out again
Smiling up to our eyeballs
In sensational hypnotic love clues
And if we ever decide
To write a book
We will be up to our elbows
In diagrams with flow charts
Recipes for a little voo doo
Mixed softly in stardust
In addition to
Power point love how to