By B.K.
Date: 2004 Dec 14
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Shooting Stars at Midnight

I was fighting trying not to
Watch Cinderella tonight on NPT
It was the fifties version
With Julie Andrews singing
I'm thinking hokey pokey but
It was like three stooge's scenes
Funny sitting down catching the
Ballroom scene suddenly the lines
Are lovely imagination and dreams
Words so romantic tears are streaming
Down my cheeks the tenderness
Powerfully pulling my heartstrings
Like a southern mandolin to your
Finger picking banjo fast and slow
Darlin this worlds a mess
So all it takes is a bit of lovely
To remind me that we may not have
Richard Rodgers to write songs and scenes
We have our own techno-powered magic
And tonight with a lot of love and much ado
We have shooting stars at midnight
But then that's not unusual
That's any night for me and you